Thursday, 15 January 2009

Sipson Village

At least 700 homes will have to be demolished during the construction of the new runway, as will the 320-pupil Heathrow primary school, historic buildings and several pubs and shops.

Why does Labour have so little regard for people? 

We have suffered taxation and considerable bullying in order to comply with the Government's Green Strategies. We have the Dustbin Police, the Cigarette Police, they've taken our light bulbs, forced unleaded petrol on us (and then put the price up), congestion charges, spent thousands on lecturing us about "standby" buttons,  Food Waste Police... need I go on?

They are constantly lecturing other countries about chopping down the rainforests or emissions from cars and factories.

What do they do?

They are going to throw these people out of their homes, demolish buildings hundreds of years old and lay a nice sheet of concrete for a runway. Fucking hypocrites! Fucking Greedy Bastards. Someone is making some money here. We don't need the runway. With the recession who can afford to travel by air? It's all bollocks. 

They have alternatives to crushing these peoples' lives, but I guess it's just easier to push them out of the way and flatten their village.

If I lived in Sipton. I wouldn't move. I would tell them to FUCK OFF! Haven't you done enough damage to our country already?

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