Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Immigration Petition

Sorry for the lack of posting but I have injured my right hand and wrist. It's come at a bad time because things are really starting to get exciting now politically. My blogroll on the right has a list of the best bloggers around and they can keep you up to date.

Meanwhile, although it may be waste of time, here's another petition! It may not solve anything but nevertheless seems a good way to get people talking about "taboo" subjects.

The MSM has been obsessed with the world population figure these past few days. The figures are worrying as the population explosion is concentrated in countries that can ill afford to have so many children. For the past few years, we in the West have voluntarily controlled how many kids we have. It's about time something is done in the poorer countries to stop them overpopulating the world when they can't afford it. Why should we subsidise populations with no self control? The most important thing now is for us to fix our own country. We are in no position to help anybody until we have our own house in order!


  1. e-petitions are a complete waste of time and a totally cynical scam ..

    They merely create the impression that the government care and are listening .. when nothing could be further from the truth ..

    They will only take notice of the electorate when the grim prospect of a P45 & of having to find a "proper" job is staring them in their collective faces ..

  2. Anytime the media get concerned about population growth, they look to Paul Erlich and other dangerous elite types for answers. Do they not realize that Russia, Japan and Eastern Europe have been shrinking? Soon, China's missing females will prove to be a problem within decade and the Big Red Dragon of the East will be more like a salamander.

  3. I agree Captain. It's obvious they are a waste of time but it does serve to bring some attention to subjects that the government would love to avoid.

    Anon, I'm mainly referring to those countries to which we constantly pour aid into. Africa, India and much of the Arab world.

    I suppose China will have to import females, there are plenty of them in that part of the world.

  4. I wish it would bring some attention to the subject Sue ..

    But people with more than two brain cells to rub together have been talking about immigration and the fact that yuou can't put a quart into a pint pot for years & have been consistently & deliberately ignored by successive governments ..

    Only the gullible and the "can't-really-be-bothereds" will be conned into believing that they're now being listened to ..

    This government will continue to cock a deaf 'un for as long as it suits their purpose & no amount of petitioning will alter that ..

  5. Capt. I cannot in all conscience give up on what I believe in. Every now and again, I despair and give myself a few days off from politics. We have to soldier on.... I am fiercely patriotic, so much so, that I live here in Spain. It causes me misery to see my country in such a fucking state and I will not be a party to it's destruction by colluding with the enemy by paying taxes!

    Rise like Lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number -
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you -
    Ye are many - they are few

  6. Almost there within 7 days. That has to be a record?