Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pain and frustration

I haven't posted of late because I've fractured my right wrist, well my dog did. He tripped me up on a wet floor and I fell on my right side. My bruised ribs and black eye are gone (thank goodness), but my wrist is extremely painful.

To be honest, if you scroll through the right hand side of my blog, my fellow bloggers continue to say much the same things I would be saying. Repeating their words is simply not worth the pain.

I'm not even going to comment on the Europlastics attempt at reviving the referendum campaign on Monday. Note the added tension of bringing forward the meeting so that the treasonous Cameron and Hague can enhance the excitement. Nope, it's the usual crap.

I still maintain that if any MP believes that we should be out of Europe, then he would hand in his notice and make sure that the reasons for his withdrawal are plain for all to see.

The truth is, our politicians NO LONGER BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY. They see themselves as our Masters and the only thing they want from us is our money.

I truly believe the EU will implode before we get the right to vote on the matter.



  1. Sue,

    Sorry to read about your mishap. I hope you are pain-free soon.

    BTW, I think that hypocrisy is regarded as a qualification on MPs CV's. It is a "must have", rather than an option.


  2. Get well soon, Sue. I would add to CR's CV for politicos, arrogance.

  3. Sorry to hear about your arm, Sue. Not the drinking and smoking arm, I hope?

  4. Hope it gets better soon Sue and what Angry Exile said!

  5. Sue, I hope you get better really soon. You had some painful injuries. I am trying to be careful with Kitteh underfoot all the time. It only takes a second, as you know. Take care and rest up!

  6. The final insult is that Cameron gets to set the question, even if his hand is forced. Hope yours gets better.

  7. Thanks Guys! I've got it strapped up so I can still work. I'm not sitting in a plastercast, that would drive me nuts!

    I was going to do a long answer and then I noticed Mark Wallace's latest post, which I have blogged above!

  8. Sue, sorry to hear it's not mending as quickly as you thought. Maybe you should go back to the quack?

  9. Subrosa :) It's my own fault. I should rest it and not use the computer. It's mouse movement that is making it worse.