Thursday, 20 October 2011

Just incase you missed it! UTTER C*NTS!

I refuse to endure the pain to fisk this, but check it out : CCHQ’s yellowish EU briefing (I'd call it GRUBBY). Those of us who have been watching their Modus operandi just knew this whole thing was a waste of fucking time.

Are they that STUPID that they think we are THAT STUPID or do we have a cabinet full of masochists, because I know my patience is completely frayed.

Just to give you a taster (It's 12 pages long) :

"Britain in Europe

The national interest is for Britain to be in Europe, not run by Europe. That is why Conservatives want to get powers back from Brussels to Britain, particularly over social and employment legislation.

We also need to make sure that there is no further transfer of powers from Britain to Brussels without the say of the British people. That’s why for the first time ever this Government has introduced a referendum lock which means that any transfer of powers from Britain to Brussels would require the approval of the British people in a referendum.

An in/out referendum or a confusing and unclear three way referendum does nothing to advance these objectives.


Business Committee have agreed to hold a debate on David Nuttall MP’s motion on holding an EU 
referendum. The motion says:

Backbench debate on EU referendum. On Monday 24 October 2011 the Backbench
for the holding of a national referendum on whether the United Kingdom should:

‘This House calls upon the Government to introduce a Bill in the next session of Parliament to provide

(a) remain a member of the European Union on the current terms;

(b) leave the European Union; or

(c) re-negotiate the terms of its membership in order to create a new relationship based on trade and co-operation’ (Backbench Business Committee; David Nuttall’s Website).

With thanks to Mark Wallace :) ALSO READ : GUIDO "STITCH UP" & Britain's bank lending to France sky-rockets! and tell me that these are not BIGGEST FUCKING SKANKS IN UK POLITICAL HISTORY!!!!!! LYING, DOUBLE CROSSING, THIEVING C*NTS WHO REALLY DESERVE TO FUCKING DIE!


  1. Be interesting were I on the end of a rollicking from you - I might learn some new words! :)

    Sorry, but can't vote - I don't love any MP, so unfair question and unfair on MW :)

  2. Hello, Sue -- Very sorry to read about your fall. Hope you are feeling progressively better and that you get well soon!

    This is my take on what the EU bureaucrats and the respective nations' leaders think: if one country offers an 'in/out' referendum, then the rest will have to by popular demand. This would produce a domino effect and the correct outcome (for us Europe-lovers but EU-opposers) of a resounding NO!

    Are they going to risk that? Hmm ... don't think so.

    We are not alone. Many in France want out, too. (Sorry, that's the only other country I track -- longstanding connections there.) The same is no doubt true elsewhere in the EU.


  3. Apologies -- to clarify, that would be a NO to the EU, as in 'Let's leave NOW!'


  4. WfW : I am from the east end of London, I have a foul mouth when I'm angry, which is not often and usually only politics brings it to the surface.

    Churchmouse. I am no match for a 7 stone Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He barges into me and easily knocks me over. I have to be more careful.

    Spanish are fed up with the EU too. Hence the demos and calls for "True Democracy", likewise the Germans can't be thrilled.

    Politicians, bankers and corporations are to blame for this mess. It's pure GREED. I hope they burn in hell for causing so much misery!

  5. Glad you're on the mend, Sue. A 7st Staffie - he must be something to see :-)

    Monday's script has already been written, the only thing of interest will be to note if a 3 line whip is imposed and how many Tory b/benchers rebel against govt. It could make future business in the House a bit livelier. At the moment I'm 'cautiously optimistic' that the EU will actually implode and a referendum won't be needed.

  6. An in/out referendum or a confusing and unclear three way referendum does nothing to advance these objectives.

    Not only that but we all know what this third option of renegotiation of terms would mean in reality - with perhaps a few cosmetic differences Britain would be no better off than before because Cameron and Clegg would cave in faster than a Chinese coal mine. It should go without saying that the same would doubtless be true of Millivanilliband.