Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Changing the Goalposts

As talk of Greece's default grows stronger, the suffering of the Greek people should not be ignored by the rest of us. It is an example of how life could be for any country whose economy has been decimated by the EU Dictatorship (inclusive of national governments), their corrupt banking systems and greedy corporations.

In the end, it's not corporations, banks or politicians that pay the price, it's the taxpayers, it's US!

Crime has reached epidemic proportions and families that can't pay the extra property tax which is added on to their electricity bills, are being cut off. As quickly as some are being disconnected, an anonymous group of "Robin Hoods" are reconnecting supplies and locking the electricity provider box in such a way that it cannot be easily reopened  The orange-coloured cover reads : “Citizens of Veria Social Solidarity We Connect Electricity”.

Power to the People?

Ironically, the electricity company itself is owed 134 million euros by state institutions and you can bet your life, they haven't been cut off.

When you drive a population to despair, they have no alternative but to take the law into their own hands.

There is another general strike on Wednesday and the assorted government offices are being occupied by protesters trying to get their government to listen. Even the police and lawyers will be joining the protest.

The government have been ordered to lower the minimum wage yet again, leaving families worse off, unable to afford rent & food while their children go to schools with no books and patients arrive at hospitals with no drugs.

The "Troika" having been renamed “The Evil, The Bad and the Ugly” by the Greek people are insisting that more public/civil servants are laid off. Currently 20% of the working population is employed in one capacity or another by the state. Considering that the UK workforce currently totals around 29 million of which around 6 million work in the public sector, that makes our public service even larger!

Watching Greece fall apart, I can't help feeling that it could so easily be the UK. We are ALL being sucked dry by the "establishment". We are being held to ransom by our national governments who refuse to fight on our behalf.

If Greece had been allowed to default and return to the Drachma a couple of years ago, who can say what would have happened? It may have been on the road to recovery by now. For sure, things could not have been worse than they are now.

What we do know is, no matter what national governments do now, the EU is not going to let go easily. It wants it's lifeblood, it's greed will never be satisfied.

What happens when national governments don't reach their targets? Change the goalposts.

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  1. Wow! Excellent and well-informed post. I live in Greece, and am tired of all the lies about its 'lazy citizens'.
    Of course, any bail-out is actually bailing out the banks, not Greece. The Greek people won't see a lepto of it.
    Thank you Sue.

  2. Lysistrata, People are not to blame for this mess, we did not make up the rules and regulations, THEY DID!

    I live in Spain and am amazed at how hard the Spanish work in intolerably high temperatures sometimes. Some of the bars here are open all night and the staff do very long hours for low pay. We do not deserve to be treated this way!

  3. In the even of a "Greek Spring", or even a "PIIGS Spring", would the wretched EU send in the troops, if so, whose?