Sunday, 7 August 2011

We should be grateful for the EU, Cameron says.....

A SENIOR aide to David Cameron says the Prime Minister has ruled out a referendum on EU membership because Britain delivered a “very clear result” on the issue 36 years ago.

In an extraordinary letter described last night as “ridiculous and insulting”, Laurence Mann, Mr Cameron’s political private secretary, said the British people did not want another in or out vote because it would be “artificial and simplistic”.

Instead, he said Britons should be grateful for the EU’s “useful work” on global warming and global poverty and stand by a decision made almost two generations ago on the far less federal body known as the Common Market.

Writing on behalf of the PM, he said: “These are compelling arguments why we believe Britain should be an active member.”
His letter was sent to Anita Segar, a senior Conservative Party member in Mr Cameron’s home county of Oxfordshire and president of the Society for Graduates at Oxford University.

She had written to the Prime Minister last month threatening to resign from the party in protest over his “betrayal” to fulfil manifesto pledges and demanding a referendum.
She urged him to “stand up to the imperious, bombastic and arrogant pirates in Brussels” who are “plundering what remains of our heritage”.

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I'm not going to comment. I'm just going to say, petitions won't work.... what do we have left?


  1. Sorry, isn't this the same tool who promised (and then reneged) a referendum on the EU Constitution? Someone's got their hand up his arse and controlling his mouth, haven't they?

  2. It just confirms what we all knew. The man is a con merchant and an out and out liar.

  3. The sheer brass neck of this man is astounding,the endless lies ,u turns and total failure to carry out policies that he espoused ,PFI, bill of rights etc etc ,the only thing all this proves is that none of the main parties are representing the people,the whole exercise is simply to stay in power,the rest is window dressing,he like "Swiss Toni" before him is an unqualified car salesman.

  4. It's enough to make you want to bring back hanging for treason.

  5. If petitions won't work, what do we have left?

    Sue, you know what needs to be done and people can only dance around the subject, hoping that it will go away.

    Well, it won't go away and one day....

    In case anyone is still wondering, what needs to be done involves the use of hemp.......

  6. Not enough people are mobilised yet. The apathy is apparent if you look at the petition on the government website. People have to get alot angrier yet.

  7. Roger the cabin boy7 August 2011 at 22:20

    Time to riot !

  8. That Cameron and his aides are suggesting such comes as little surprise. We have known for some time that the man is as incompetent as he is politically inept. Still, we must keep on going. Other than not voting Conservative and blogging, there is little the individual can do. Instead, we must wait again for another moment to collapse the Tory party. We sadly missed our opportunity at the last election. But our time will come again - and it might be sooner than we think.

  9. I hope you're right Chris. This week is likely to be the beginning of the end of the Euro. The only problem is, the longer this pain goes on, the worse off we'll all be.

    I have a feeling Cameron is deliberating staying away when he should have returned. It's a matter of confidence that he is around in times of crisis.

    The fact that a leak like this happens almost every time he disappears shows the growing dis-satisfaction of his ranks and that has to be a good thing!