Saturday, 6 August 2011

Spain's ‘indignados’ at the vanguard of a global nonviolent revolt

Last night Madrid’s city centre offered a glimpse of what Western democracies have become, as thousands of unarmed nonviolent civilians with their hands up in the air shouting “these are our weapons” and “this is a dictatorship” were beaten by police commandos in full riot gear. This event was the culmination of a month of intense mobilizations across the country by the popular movement known as the ‘Indignados’. People, whom despite being ignored by the government have made their voices heard, as banking cartels, European bureaucrats, rating agencies and the country’s elites continue in their frantic push to sell-off Spain’s remaining public wealth, and persist in the implementation of drastic cuts to the welfare state.

The ‘Indignados’ are fully aware of the fact that their government does not represent them, whenever they congregate they shout that loud and clear.

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Update : This has not been peaceful by any means. "Spanish riot police charge 'Los Indignados' in Madrid". Clashes between Spain’s so-called Los Indignados and riot police have left at least 20 protesters and seven policemen injured in Madrid.

Over 200 police officers charged a protest outside the Ministry of Interior, against the closure of the city’s biggest square, late on Thursday night. Spain’s ‘indignant’, who had occupied the Puerta del Sol since mid May protesting against austerity measures, had been prevented from entering the square for the previous three days. The arrest of a Spanish reporter covering the protest has stirred up significant criticism as many perceive it as an attack on press freedom.

More here (including youtube footage).


  1. Hi, Sue. my link to your place was broken but I'm back! None of this protest makes it to our screens here in Stasi Blighty. I'm sure The Greeks are still pretty active but The EU lot keep the lid firmly in place.

  2. Try the foreign news OR. If you download "Feeddemon" (the free version), it can pick up all the RSS feeds from almost any paper in the world. If you need any help, drop me a line and I will send you instructions on how to use it.

  3. That sounds a good thing to have for news ... thanks for that Sue!

    Used to in Madrid a lot ... wish l was there now!

  4. If anyone needs instructions on using and adding RSS to FeedDemon, please email me!

  5. Thanks, Sue, for keeping us posted on the Spanish!

    Earlier this spring when they protested, I tuned into French talk radio (RMC), which debates the topics every other station ignores. One guy rang in to say, 'Hey, why aren't we discussing the Spanish protests?' Strangely, the hosts said, 'We did'. But, it was only the briefest of mentions with no discussion at all.

    I agree with the posters who say the media are ignoring this on purpose. From what I read and hear, a number of countries which haven't had a series of 'grassroots' protests yet are close to kicking off, France and the UK among them.

    I put 'grassroots' in quotes there because Soviet defectors like Yuri Bezmenov say that there are no grassroots protests -- everything is organised. At some point, we'll find out more about who is behind these. Intriguing!

  6. Hi Churchmousec, The Spanish Press are not frightened to report on their news and other demo's going on in Europe.

    As I have said, if you want the REAL NEWS, you have to read foreign press. UK NEWSPEAK is obviously completely controlled by the PTB! When they do report, they mis-report.

    These demo's are all essentially non politically aligned, pro-democracy movements. Europeans have woken to the fact that the EU is a dictatorship and we can't have the British waking up too, now can we?