Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Judas Goats and Eurosceptics

Continuing the discussions at Autonomous Mind and the faux Eurosceptic MP's and MEP's (in this case Roger Helmer & John Redwood), John Redwood has another post this morning.

"The Uk electorate have never voted into office any party running on a Come out platform. They have  never elected a single representative of UKIP or English democrats or other pull out parties to Westminster. It is not a question of one more heave and they will. There is not a shred of polling evidence to suggest that in a Westminster election, as opposed to a European election, they are about to"

The truth is beginning to strike home. Neither one of these politicians believes in democracy. Neither John Redwood nor Roger Helmer actually believes we should be given a choice on whether to stay in or leave the EU. They say they want "re-negotiation", but what if that is not enough for the majority of us? What would happen, if by some miracle, we were given our referendum and voted to come out? Would we be ignored?

Mr Redwood has stopped publishing my comments since the riots. I had compared our riots to those in Philadelphia where the Governor there was not embarrassed to admit it was mainly a "black" problem. I thought the article was interesting and supplied a link. Admin at JR was too chicken shit to publish it.

Going back to the quote from JR "The Uk electorate have never voted into office any party running on a Come out platform".  Can you see the way politicians twist our words? They may not have done Mr Redwood, but ALL the parties have run their electoral campaigns promising a REFERENDUM! 

Here's Dave with a quick reminder....


....but, as many have said, if we get our referendum, we have to prepare for a fight. The EU propaganda machine is preparing for a full on attack.