Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Martin at Ironies (his post echoes my feelings) has suggested that the term "Eurosceptic" is another one of those that the political elite have manipulated and twisted. It used to mean "anti-EU" but with the adoption of the term by MP's and MEP's like John Redwood, Douglas Carswell et al, who are definitely NOT ANTI-EU but like to use the phrase "pulling back certain powers", it's meaning has been changed.

So, here is my contribution by way of support for the undisputed ideology of being DEAD AGAINST THE EU, WANTING OUT OF THE EU, ANTI EU!

I have uploaded the full graphics in PNG (one with the layers preserved) and JPG formats to my photobucket account, here is the direct link to the album.


  1. A sceptic is defined thus ..

    1. (Philosophy) a person who habitually doubts the authenticity of accepted beliefs
    2. a person who mistrusts people, ideas, etc., in general
    3. (Philosophy) a person who doubts the truth of religion, esp Christianity

    It doesn't mean someone who is "anti" ..

    Anymore than the word "phobic" still means someone who is "afraid of" ..

    These words have been hi-jacked for the sake of political & politically correct expediency ..

    BTW .. I hate the EU and all its "works and pomps" ..

  2. It's like all those other words. If you're far right, you are now automatically a BNP supporter. They hijack the words and twist their original intent. It's what the left do!