Tuesday, 19 July 2011

EU, quangos and the growing propaganda machine.

The lack of blogging is mainly due to work constraints and the inability to keep up with the fast moving pace of Eutopia's downfall. This has not, however, stopped me from tweeting links that I find and occasionally commenting on blogs when I have a spare moment. It is heartening to see so many great bloggers out there doing the job that the MSM should be doing and telling us "how it is"...

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I recently discovered and starting commenting at The Colors of Europe (Cultural Diplomacy in Europe), which if you follow your nose you are taken to the  Cultural Diplomacy in Europe's official site. Another quango,  taxpayer funded propaganda machine, obviously meant to "diplomatically" change our minds. I was joined by several fellow Eurosceptics, who were quite happy to put their views forward for "discussion".

Cultural Diplomacy in Europe
Another well-fed Europhile!

The "diplomatic contributors" became quite agitated in telling us Eurosceptics to "leave, if you don't like it". We would LOVE to "leave" of course,but our government is holding us firmly by the short and curlies.

They know we want to leave. They don't care!

This morning I found another, The EUDO Café., taking us to another patronising posting entitled "Now you have Power to Veto EU Changes in Referendum", with that nice traitor Hague at the top. Most of us know that the "Referendum Lock" is not worth the paper is it written on, why do they continue to lie to us?

Still, it's yet another quango  disguised as a "discussion blog". This one is entitled "European Union Democracy Observatory" and it's here.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not adverse to Europhile Blogs, I even read many of them. It's good to see the other side's point of view. What I object to, is PAYING FOR THEM OUT OF MY TAXES! Unless the EU is willing to sponsor some Eurosceptic sites, it's hardly cricket, is it?

These really are ominous, hideous little departments, most certainly filled with psychologists hell bent on brainwashing and conditioning the fast growing Eurosceptic electorate of Europe into the "right way of thinking".

Adding to what seems to be the general consensus at the moment of whether we should have a referendum or just "leave". I agree, if the EU does not implode, let's just insist the government gets us out.... or we will find ourselves up against a professional body of "scaremongers", hell bent on keeping us in EU servitude and we know how powerful they can be!

I will be looking for more of these brainwashing "blogs" and keeping a very close eye on them.

If you find any others, feel free to email me (address on the right hand side) and I will add them to my "watch list".


  1. Interesting article with some nicely done research - articles like this used to be called journalism but are probably now called 'conspiracy theory' by the people who used to be known as journalists.

    Will see if 'the news' permits me to link over later.

    TTC x

  2. Sue,

    You will have spotted that we are all wrong at the Colors of Europe site.

    Not only do we fail to agree with them, but the author (and/or Mods) accuse us of screaming hysterically. I re-read the comments looking for that but I cannot see it. Just an overwhelming majority (including myself) saying "We want out".

    Therein lies the problem with the EU: they simply don't want to hear that the project has failed.

    There are going to be a lot of disappointed rent-seekers when it finally dies the thousand deaths it deserves.


  3. I found another, will post on that later. To think we are funding all these sites makes my blood boil.

    Capt. I'm going to start making a habit of taking screenshots of comments just incase they are conveniently disapproved.

  4. What a nasty little site that Colors for Europe is. The tags on the Europop post were B.N.P, euro-sceptics, Euro-trash.

    On the comments I found this.

    About icdblogsphereteam
    We are the Blogsphere Team of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. We are the interactive part of the web resources of ICD. We spread culture and mutual undestrading among cultures through blogs.

    Now we could have fun with these twats, but I think they are best ingnored unless they attack us, though I may have some quick fun with them first.

    Great finds Sue. V

  5. We could have some fun but it's pointless, they're so narrow minded and insular. They've already been brainwashed with MONEY!

    I really just want to watch the propaganda. If we should ever have a referendum, we need to be prepared to counter every trick in the book.

  6. Agreed Sue, but I will do a blog to destroy their europop posting when I am up to it, especially as I found a one of their sites all about eoroplop.

    I have to take a bit of time out today but I have put a link to your post on the blog tp share the awarenes. V

  7. Euroscepticism is very much grass roots stuff, as evidenced by the number of people prepared to blog on the topic for absolutely nothing at all. Europhilia is mostly astroturfing, as evidenced by the need to pay for blogs with money forcibly taken from everyone including eurosceptics - and that's not even decent astroturf either, just that cheap stuff you find on veggie stands in markets.

  8. Why have Euro Common Purpose @ Colors of Europe adopted American spelling?