Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pat Condell - Violence is not the answer.


  1. So Sue, Pat C want some honesty?

    In which case were those in the Resistance during WWII guilty of violence in their attempts to overthrow the Nazis? What chance was there for due democratic process then? When the political process is 'managed' by those in power who come together to 'freeze out' the democratic voice of smaller parties; when all democratic means fail, is violence to effect that change wrong?

    If one looks at history, the overthrow of totalitarian regimes has been accomplished by violence of varying degrees, be that demos that cause injury to others, or outright insurrection.

  2. David, Sue,

    I ended up saying pretty much the same thing.

    Sue, I have nicked, reposted and hat-tipped you for this.

    I just wish Pat was right. (He is, of course, but that is not how the end-game will be played).


  3. Nice speech,but sadly human history
    is littered with violence from
    authority and violence in return.
    We should not forget to easily, our
    so called freedom was maintained
    by gross acts of indiscriminate
    violence against those who we
    accused of violence
    "Let him without fault cast the first stone"
    If there are those amongst us who
    really think England will soon be a free nation just by twittering and facebooking and balloting
    we are indeed doomed

    The Ferryman

  4. As I've said on the Capt's post of this video. I agree with everything Breivik says and I don't care who knows it. I just would have chosen Brussels as my target and not innocent children.

    Unfortunately, we are now in a position where the Eurocrats that dictate to us aren't listening anymore. The only recourse will be violence.

    It will be the only thing they understand.