Thursday, 19 May 2011

Spain Takes to the street for a TRUE DEMOCRACY May 15th 2011

Thousands of protesters who say they are ignored by Spain’s political class gathered in a central square in Madrid on Wednesday night to demand reforms, despite an effort by electoral officials to impose a ban on demonstrations as Spain prepares to vote in local elections this weekend.

As El País reports, the protesters defied a ruling by Madrid’s electoral board, which had refused to grant permission for a fourth straight day of protests in the Spanish capital’s Puerta del Sol, so close to election day.

The Spanish newspaper explains that the protesters are “fed up with high unemployment and a faltering economy,” and feel unrepresented by the major political parties.

Following the board’s ruling, riot police officers deployed around the square, but allowed protesters to enter after checking their national identity cards, according to a series of updates posted on the English-language section of the El País Web site.

A new Spanish youth group, Democracia Real Ya, or True Democracy Now, inspired by the pro-democracy movements in the Arab world, used social networks to help organize the demonstrations, which began on Sunday.

As El País explained, the organizers are a diverse lot, yet “so well organized that they put together a security team of 200 people to prevent any trouble during the Madrid demonstration; they also had enough vision to use all the tricks in the book to keep the protest among Twitter’s most popular conversation topics in the world for the entire day,” using the tag #15m, to claim the date of May 15 for the start of their #SpanishRevolution.

The group, whose manifesto has been translated into English (but the sites are so busy that I found they didn't load), on Wednesday called for demonstrators to occupy Madrid’s Puerta del Sol and other main squares in cities across Spain until Sunday’s elections.

Despite efforts by Madrid’s police force to clear the square at night, hundreds of protesters were still camped in the square on Wednesday, CNN reported

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Come on Britain FFS! Get off your apathetic arses!


  1. Sooner or later, no matter what eventually takes to make it all kick off, (G-d knows we've had enough provocation), we will have to do just that, Sue, it's the only language the political class understands.

  2. A friend of mine is one of the organisers of the demo in Algericas. It's been small and peaceful but very determinedly anti-government.

    The problem is that they all want different things. There were fascists, communists and anarchists all there. Half of the challenge for the organisers has been stopping the demonstrators beating each other up.

    But that's part of the appeal of the thing. People actually care enough to do something.

  3. You gentlemen are correct. No matter what you believe, the political system we have now has got to go!

    It's probably best we all fight together first to get rid of the elite and their corruption.

    What happens next is anyones guess.

  4. Went to the demo in Cadiz yesterday with some friends.

    Not sure if I'd want to be there tonight though. The PP are surging and the socialists are getting a good kicking....but that just means two party politics as usual.

    PP success is also bad news for my neck of the woods too. But hey ho. meet the new boss, just like the old boss.