Sunday, 15 May 2011

Norwegian MP Has Had Enough of Suicidal Liberals


  1. "Dying hair dark?"

    Never thought of it in that context... We have a Danish friend with naturally beautiful, traffic stopping, blond hair... The last time we saw her, to our collective horror, she had dyed her hair jet black... She said that it was to look different in a sea of blond goddesses... Now I wonder...

  2. Apparently the blonde girls are targeted for rape by Islamic males. Nice huh? WTF have our politicos done?

    Literally allowed our civilisation in the West to be overtaken by a primitive third world tribal culture.

  3. Labor always divides and discriminates, then blames others for doing it.

  4. James. If Socialists (Labour) hadn't started this "diversity" experiment, this would not be happening. You cannot blame mass rape of indigenous populations by Muslim men on anybody else other than Muslim men.

    Open your eyes, the mass grooming of young English girls is being done by the same type of people.