Monday, 28 March 2011

Leviathan is here, in Brussels

Brussels is the lair of a bureaucratic monster, writes the German essayist Hans Magnus Enzensberger. It’s up to the Europeans themselves now to take up their pitchforks.

"While the people of the Arab world are rising up and calling for self-determination and democracy, Europe is sinking into despotism. Its democratic traditions are being eroded and destroyed, its citizens harassed and patronised".

"Enzensberger’s core thesis focuses on the precariousness of democracy as we understand it in the Union, which in the intoxication of rule-mongering is showing increasingly authoritarian tendencies. Together with Robert Menasse, Enzensberger concludes with posing the question of whether the traditional understanding of democracy is something Brussels remains committed to, or whether democracy is not seen rather as an obstacle that Brussels will work assiduously towards shifting aside. The European Union is on the way to disenfranchising its citizens. Only we Europeans can stop them".

Read the rest of the article, it's a calm analysis of the truth about the EU DICTATORSHIP.

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  1. It is the truth indeed. Will others follow him and be honest with themselves or are we too far down the road?