Thursday, 10 February 2011

Democracy, Freedom and Freedom of Speech

Today the British Government will debate and vote on whether it represents the British People or the ideology of a corrupt Human Rights Court in Strasbourg.

The fact that it wants to give murderers, rapists and terrorists the human right to vote in an election, is absolutely abhorrent to most of the British Public. These criminals did not consider the human rights of the people they killed, maimed and violated.

The ECHR was meant to protect those people who spoke of free speech and democracy. It was meant to protect against unfair imprisonment and torture.

Now it's purpose is to protect criminals and extremists. It protects those who should be punished, deported or imprisoned. It rewards those people with massive compensation claims funded by us and we have absolutely no say in the matter..

It's greatest crime of all has been to criminalise free speech (aided by the pro Islamic UN). Many of us believe that Islam is a threat to the western world. The European Union has decided to use this extremist political ideology as a method of controlling us. It uses criticism of Islam to kill free speech.

We are being enslaved. We work for them. Two thirds of what we earn, stolen in taxes to fund their plan and they still want more.

By remaining in the European Union and by adhering to the pronouncements of the ECHR, our government is complicit in the destruction of democracy and free speech in the United Kingdom.

Greed, Avarice and Cowardice are their bywords. Gone are the days of Honour, Justice and Democracy.

They know what they are doing, that's why we won't get a referendum on the European Union. They are part of the plan to destroy what we and our ancestors have built over the course of hundreds of years.

The British Government are traitors.

We may see a small rebellion today. Don't be fooled.

It has and will betray us time and time again. Each time we make a fuss, it holds a tidbit, a small thread of hope and dangles in front of us just long enough to quell the anger. Then..... it snatches it back and we sit back exhausted wondering what the hell went wrong.

If the British government lets us down again, we know where we stand.

We know what we must do.

Update: h/t EUReferendum


  1. Right on, Sue. I'm adding your link to the post.

  2. Not sure the ECHR was ever really to protect free speech and democracy. I think it was just something they thought they ought to have and it was knocked out one day before the afternoon circle jerk. Had they really wanted to protect free speech and democracy (whether you can and whether it's worth it is up for debate - democracy protected precisely jack shit of my liberties and usually had a hand in their removal) they'd have looked at the Bill of Rights, then looked at the US version, and then boiled it down to under a dozen simple rules, preferably fewer, for the government saying that absent a response to violence it's to stay the fuck out. Of everything.

  3. What a fucking mess we are in. I really despair.