Thursday, 13 January 2011

Construct of Treason Pt3 and Pt 4

Just to complete the set Parts 3 and 4. With thanks to Xen347 for all your hard work


  1. Hi Sue,

    I was beginning to think that with a bit of tidying up this would make a good political broadcast for UKIP, but the reference to HMQ at the end would probably put people off. It's right of course, but the majority won't see her as a traitor.

  2. Hi Sean O'Hare

    I mulled over the bit you point out for ages. I understand that people cannot reconcile HMQ with ever doing anything wrong to this nation but, as you say, she has.

    Without her counter signature none of this ever had any need to happen. I'm not party to the why's and wherefores, if a gun was put to her head (figuratively speaking) or if it's just a consolidation of family power for future generations to enjoy.

    I stopped short of putting the word traitor there, as a step too far for ordinary people to accept and I think I should have used the word 'sad', as in 'an unfortunate and sad consistency' but that's moot now.

    I didn't use half of the stuff I've got but it was draining to do the four that I did. I need a break from reading about the EU, it's easy to become either suicidal or homicidal.

    I'm glad you found some value in it though.

  3. Oh and Sue, thanks for posting the vids, I really appreciate you doing so.

    As I've said before, I don't know if it'll do any good, I suspect not, but I had to get it out of me!

    At the moment I can't get a handle on how to present the unbelievable numbers that show how much EU membership costs us. It is truly staggering. I'm not just talking about taxation (because that's what it is) but the wanton wastage that is an indictment of the corruption within Mordor.

  4. That's Sunday afternoon watching.

  5. The sheeple are kept so busy working long hours for a pittance, while not commuting and coping with reams of paperwork that they are often too tired to care.

    Cunning, traitorous b@stards, our 'leaders'.

  6. I understand from a comment on my own blog on a similar story that HMQ does not actually sign the Acts but there are some senior Lords who do it for her, so she doesn't have to sully herself. She could of course at some time in the future say, "it was fuck all to do with me, they made me do it".