Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Godfrey Bloom UKIP Hero! Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer

Godfrey Bloom is given the Soviet treatment

"“Schulz is an unrepentant Euro nationalist and a socialist. He wants one currency, one EU state, one EU people. Already the Euro nationalists have one currency, one flag, one anthem, a foreign service and are creating a home office for Justice. They are creating here one Parliament with one executive and one EU citizenry. The EU Commission have already taken control of the economies of Ireland and Greece, no doubt others to follow. These Euro Nationalists are a danger to democracy".

Martin Schulz, the leader of the Party of European Socialists, who took great offence when Silvio Berlusconi recommended him for the role of a concentration camp kapo but who you can see on film - not for the first time – calling Euro-sceptics fascists.

So, it's OK for HIM to call Euro-sceptics fascists?

Sometimes you have to behave in an uncivilised manner when people don't listen to you!

Hannan agrees with me, see.


  1. Can anybody actually come up with a use for Nick Griffin, even amongst subject matters that you would imagine he'd be really comfortable in facing? I only ask, because his fat mug comes into shot at 14:09 in this video, where he seems completely disinterested in that of which is occurring.

    So with the E.U., U.K.I.P. are proactive......Yet Griffin hates U.K.I.P........ But does nothing about the E.U. himself, except pocket his vast salary at the end of each Month...

    On the streets of Britain the EDL are proactive against radical Islam and militant Trots........Yet Griffin hates the EDL.......According to him they are the Tool of Zionists intent on bringing civil war onto the streets of Britain......Errrr.......Didn't the Islamists and Trots start these street protests off?....More sworn enemies of Griffin, and yet still he does nothing...

    What does Griffins BNP actually do, other than issue diktats warning their members not to join other proactive groups?

    I've no idea....

  2. Oh dear, did he hurt the commie's feelings... Loved Nigel's response, the supportive heckling from the Lega Nord and the Soviet music at the end. Thanks Sue

  3. Dazed, Gri££in has killed the BNP and members are leaving in their droves. He has done his master's bidding and reaped the rewards in the process.

  4. Hannan has commented on this too.

    You'd think that Griffin would be adding his two penneth. Unfortunately, eloquence is something he will never possess.

    RFB. You're welcome. We need more people to stand up to these FASCISTS!

  5. Yet another perfect demonstration of why we need to get the hell out of this Marxist monster!

  6. EU National socialists = EUNazis, spot on Godfrey.