Friday, 22 October 2010

No taxation without representation

Nigel Farage MEP, UKIP, Co-President of the EFD group, made the statement during a meeting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on October 20, 2010.


Well, president Barroso, you’re certainly flexing your muscles, using the powers given to you with the Lisbon treaty which you pushed through using illegitimate means. You now do everything you can on the world stage and within the EU to acquire all the attributes of statehood.

And nowhere could that be more apparent than in your recent proposal for a direct tax to be levied by the European institutions on the peoples of this continent.

Of course in previous times there was a very successful independence movement that campaigned on the slogan of ‘No taxation witout representation’.

And you certainly, sir, are not a representative. We haven’t voted for you and we can’t remove you. So I think with this direct tax you actually made a mistake.

And what an expensive club it’s becoming. Just two years ago, Britain’s net contribtuion was £3 billion a year. This year it’s £6 billion. Next year it will be £8 billion. The year after that, it’s due to be £10 billion. And now we hear that you want to take away the British rebate. You want to get rid of the British rebate, which will mean by 2013 our contribution will be £13 billion. It would have quadrupled in the space of six years.

And simply, the taxpayers of Britain, realising all of this, seeing your direct tax will conclude that we simply can’t afford the European Union.

But I do see a ray of hope. The Doville deal between Merkel and Sarkozy — the thing that you’re all so terrified of today — I hope it happens.

Let’s have a new treaty. You yourself seem to be almost supporting it (to Barroso). Let’s have a new European treaty and let’s put it to a referendum — in lots of countries, particularly in Britain, and the British people will conclude that this is a very bad deal for Britain, they’ll vote for us to leave the European Union and begin the unravelling… [sarcastic applause]… Thank you. We;ll be happy to go, thank you.

h/t to Gates of Vienna


  1. A Churchillian voice echoing that great man's loneliness and isolation in the 1930s, Sue.

  2. At least he's speaking up for us which is more than the other traitors are doing OR...

  3. A real politician who actually cares about freedoms and the rights of men.
    A rarity nowadays.

  4. Bloody hell, our contributions really are going up.

    Ah well, all the more votes for UKIP in future.

  5. God I love this man.

    He is such a breath of fresh air compared to all the other "career" politicians.

  6. And Barroso has the utter cheek to defend himself by saying that he WAS elected - by a SECRET ballot!!!!!

    Jesus H Crist......

  7. I know James but if we stop blogging about it, they'll think it's OK.

    So, come you lot, those that don't have blogs... BLOG, say what you think even if it's just a short post everyday.

  8. More great stuff from Nigel who clearly got that old selectocrat Barrosso riled by reminding him of his lack of a democratic mandate.

  9. Hi Sue, once again spot on.

    I'm not overly fond of Farage but he takes the argument to them.

    The rest are just stinking traitors.

    I would say to JH that it may be "heads against a brick wall" but the working people of this country are stirring. I talk to friends about this and they are reaching the same conclusions that we are - that we are being ruled by an unaccountable political elite.

    The unfortunate thing is that the ground we wish to fight on is that held by odious people such as Bob Crow(no2eu). It's the C2s we have to win over and that means weaning them away from Blue/Orange/Red Labour.

    I'd like to set up a blog on the same lines Sue but it is always the same - a full weeks work and not relishing the learning curve of finding out about setting up a blog.

    Give us an easy walkthrough site and I'll have a go.

  10. Fantastic - another blogger.

    Anon, try - easy peasy. No learning curve, just think of a blog name, sign up and dive in. The more the merrier :-)

  11. Btw, Sue, thanks for posting the video - I hadn't seen it before. I like Barroso's sanctimonious attempt at self-justification. Banned called him 'a selectocrat' and he's spot on.

    Until the British voting system is changed the smaller parties won't do well - AV will do nothing to allow UKIP or BNP candidates to take a seat in the HoC - if it did tptb wouldn't be promoting it. Anyone who thinks it's just a first step on the way to PR with the chance for future referenda is deluding themselves - when was the last time we had a vote about the voting system? If AV goes through we'll be stuck with it and coalitions of the 3 main parties. How very continental!