Friday, 22 October 2010

Abu Hamza Update

HOOK-handed mullah Abu Hamza has won a reprieve from deportation after the Home Office’s expert witness changed his mind.


Hamza, 52, who has already cost taxpayers £3.5million, has THREE barristers, including a QC, at a special three-day immigration tribunal.

Their fees will be near £10,000 - and there are also three solicitors.

Home Secretary Theresa May is represented by four lawyers, adding £5,000 to the bill.

Hamza, originally jailed for soliciting murder in ranting sermons, is held in London's Belmarsh Prison while he fights deportation to the US.

What? You didn't actually believe anything was going to change with "cast iron Dave", did you?


  1. So in the name of Human Rights we are funding seven bloody lawyers to argue amongst themselves?

    Screw HR, put him on a plane to Israel they know what to do with people like this!

  2. WFW, you got that the wrong way round. it's not lawyers arguing in the name of human rights.

    The truth is, the HRA was introduced in order to drum up business for "human rights lawyers". The wife of the PM who introduced the HRA was herself a "human rights lawyer".

    Which is a bit like being a window cleaner before windows were invented.

  3. I'm with Mark on this. Cherie, the QC, saw a way to get herself to the top and used her husband's position to lever the HRA into legislation.

    I'm with WfW on the solution.

  4. Guantanamo more like ( I see that Obama has yet to close it, as he promised).

  5. I think we should just hand him over to the Americans. Job done. He is a criminal after all. Why should we protect him?

    After all they were ready to ship Gary McKinnon over easily enough and he wasn't a terrorist and hadn't threatened to kill anyone.

  6. MW and SR have this right - Habeas Corpus to Corpus Juris.

    We must always be in the wrong unless the state tells us we're right.

    What better way to do that than to introduce masses of laws and regulations that no one can understand - only those goons with large foreheads.

    Jobs for the unelected elite - a tier of bureaucratic backscratchers and placemen - and our three main parties have bought into it.

  7. My head is in my hands at the state of the country and the lunatics who run it. Abu Hamza and those who think like him should have been deported years ago.

    As for the law, Anonymous has it right - Corpus Juris is on its way and instead of English Common Law whereby anything is allowed as long as it isn't specifically prohibited, the State will decree what we are allowed to do and we will be guilty until proven innocent. We're seeing the death throes of Magna Carta in the name of 'harmony' with european criminal and civil law.

  8. If you come to my house and shit on the carpet or vomit in the bath, I will throw you out. If you have come to my house because your partner is nasty to you and you will get beaten when you go home, then you should have thought of that before abusing my hospitality.

    Of course, this all comes back to what we mean by 'our' country, which is something that the Left and Right will debate until Hell freezes over.