Saturday, 2 October 2010

Equality for all but Muslim Girls it seems

Why bring the equalities act into force when Islamic Schools are allowed to make wearing the Islamic Veil compulsory as part of the girls school uniform (walking to and from school?)

Why aren't we protecting these girls in the UK?

France and Holland have banned the stupid garment altogether.

What is the matter with our government? Are they now so far up their own arses they'll do anything to appease the extremist male muslims?

The suffragettes will be turning in their graves.



Muslim countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria have banned the wearing of burkhas in schools and universities – and they did this with little fuss and widespread public support.

The governments of these Muslim countries, have long attacked the burkha as an outward symbol of religious fervour, with most people against the sight of veiled women on their streets.

In Turkey and Syria, a country dubbed part of the Islamic “axis of evil” by George Bush in the run-up to the Iraq war, the burkha is considered a dangerous threat to secular values. Women who choose to wear it are often frowned upon by society.

The government in Jordan has tried to discourage veils by playing up reports of robbers using them to hide their faces.


  1. Easy, Sue. Muslim is Arabic for misogyny.

  2. Talking of burka bans,Sue.Have you seen the two french girls protests against the burka ban over at mine,they call themselves the "Niqabitches"

  3. Holland has banned burka? I didn't know that.

  4. OR. The reason I am so dead against Islam, is for precisely that reason. I wonder where all the "wimmins rights" people are as far as Islam is concerned? These garments are a symbol of male ownership of the females in their culture. They are unhealthy physically (rickets, obesity, hiding of pregnancies) and psychologically damaging.

    How can we expect integration when Islam so obviously separates itself from our culture. I stick by what I always say, integrate or fuck off where you are more comfortable in your particular skin! Simple.

    Fraser. I have seen the article, I hope they get fined.

  5. Mark, I have added a hyperlink to the word "Holland". This post from Klein Verzet shows the Dutch coalition agreements on various subjects including immigration.

  6. I'm not entirely sure the Suffragettes would feel able to get behind a call for the government to mandate what a woman may or may not wear in public!

    The bans are wrong, and send the wrong message.

  7. I'm not sure the bans are wrong. I think that integration and protection are more important. After all, with the advent of Islam, we have had to put up with losing many of our freedoms, predominantly free speech.

    Try walking in an muslim area scantilly clad and see how many names you get called. Even the traditional advertisers such as M&S have had to curtail their adverts to appease Islam.

  8. Sue, thanks, excellent. I agree with your response to JuliaM. We have to draw a line somewhere, and wherever we draw it will appear to be silly or petty in itself, but such is life.

  9. Presumably the parents chose to send their girls to Sharia school so they won't be objecting to this and if they wish to parade their 'otherness' more fool them.