Saturday, 23 October 2010

Isn't it Ironic

Now that Tower Hamlets (where I once lived as a young woman) has been declared "Britain's First Islamic Republic", I can't help feeling quite aggrieved. I had my first flat there when I left home. It was by no means a palace but it was filled with REAL East Enders and I had a feeling I belonged....

The government is obviously turning a blind eye to this. I have seen no comments other than those by the Labour Party who want a word with "Dhimmi Ken".

Meanwhile, after the Swiss Government DID THE RIGHT THING and gave their citizens a referendum on whether to ban minarets or not, the latest initiative by the Swiss People's Party is to ask for the people's judgement on what to do with "foreign ciminals"...

"The party says that a disproportionate number of criminals in Swiss prisons are foreigners and that "the Swiss have the right to feel safe in our own country." - SHOCK, HORROR, SURELY NOT, WHOEVER HEARD OF SUCH A STRANGE THING?

You see, the vote is whether to DEPORT THEM OR NOT!

"Despite concerns that the SVP measure violates a law stating that people can't be deported to countries where they might face persecution, the Swiss parliament allowed the proposal to be brought to a public vote because it had twice the required number of signatures, showing wide popular support. But the legislature also created its own proposal, which will be voted on along with the SVP version. That version restricts deportation to immigrants who commit only the most serious crimes, such as murder, rape and armed robbery. It stresses, however, that expulsions can't violate national or international law"

At least they're being asked. What is our government doing?

The British Taxpayer is stuck footing the bill for those like Abu Hamza, we put up with thousands of foreign criminals without saying a fucking peep and then let them claim benefits. Most of the criminals on "Britains Most Wanted" are foreigners. We have FOREIGN peers of the realm ripping the taxpayer off and NADA, NOTHING! I have no idea how much foreign criminals are costing us to keep in prison, never to return to their native lands once released and now we've let them take over one of our London Boroughs. God knows what is going to be going on in Tower Hamlets in the future.


A nationwide vote will take place on the 28th November. I shall watch with interest.


  1. I sympathise Sue; like you I'm from the East End. Brought up there, went to school there. Don't recognise the place now and I'm sure a hard-working Jewish boy like me is not wanted there anyway.
    The people there are not English, no matter where they were born. They know nothing of English culture, history, invention and achievement. They don't swell up when they see a picture of Nelson or Shakespeare, or even Bobby Moore. Yes, I'm Jewish, but that comes a long way after the fact that I'm English.
    Meanwhile the Left want to railroad out the last bastions of enterprise by striking and attacking entrepreneurs & bankers, most of whom are at least paying taxes and contributing to the wider society by patronising artistic and cultural events.
    Apparently, according to the BBC, we should be anti-America in all things, and throw in our lot with the power-hugry thieves in Europe. Israel, a country that produces the kind of technical innovations in the field of computing, medicine, biotech etc. that will be essential to all of us, is pilloried no matter what it does, whilst wannabe medieval cave-dwellers are allowed to fleece us of our money in benefits at the same time as they undermine the foundations of our Western civilisation.

    It's a funny old world....but rapidly becoming a sinister and scary one.

  2. "It stresses, however, that expulsions can't violate national or international law" - So why the bloody hell do our government keep bleating on about not being able to deport undesirables??

  3. Davieboy, I remember buying my first afghan coat down Petticoat Lane.

    Regardless of religion or origin, we all just got on in those days. I lived on the Isle of Dogs, sounds horrible now, but I really liked it...

    We get nothing of use from the EU or Islamic countries. We need to stick to old allies, those that believe in democracy.

    microdave, the Conservatives are lefties, socialists. They are not who you think they are!

  4. Sue, at the end of the day there is going to be one bloody revolution - Yay!

    To misquote Leonard Cohen - And then we take Westminster!

  5. Ironic indeed, Sue - most ironic.

  6. I can't comment on today's London because it was the 70s when I last lived and worked there. I enjoyed it although I found it quite insular. Perhaps that's because of my chosen career but I never felt I was much outwith Scottish values. Then again when I worked in Europe in those days I didn't either.

    This weekend has opened my eyes. I won't give personal information here but I've heard the opinion of a young person and it scares me.

  7. If we were permitted refrenda mine would be to say that any foreigner (including children and grandchildren thereof) who commits a 'serious' offence (and three strikes & you're out for minor ones) will lose their 'human right' not to be deported back to their shithole of origin even if they might get abused there. Might encourage them to behave themselves.