Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Tale of Two Towns


Immigration has soared by 20% under labour's new "genius" points system and in the next few weeks, the British public can look forward to even more East Europeans making their way to the UK.

"BRITAIN was warned to expect a new wave of immigration from Eastern Europe after almost half a million Ukrainians and Serbians were given the right to live, work and claim benefits in the UK.

Controversial rules passed by the Hungarian parliament mean that anyone who can speak the nation’s language or prove they have Hungarian ancestry can become a citizen and get a full EU passport.

This means they will be granted full employment rights in the UK and access to British benefits.
Now it is feared that tens of thousands of the “new citizens” will flee the dire economic situation in Eastern Europe for the UK’s lucrative job market and generous welfare system"

Enough is enough, we are not the world's personal charity.

We'd like our country back please and we'd like our referendum on the EU so we regain complete control of our borders and the human rights act.


  1. Stark differences between those two pictures. Astonishing really.

    But can they close the doors quickly enough, and without an uproar?

  2. Probably not, especially as the EU dictates our immigration policy.

    The differences do indeed prove what I have been saying all along. Those muslims that wear the burkha and run around in pyjama like outfits are doing so to set themselves apart. They do not want to integrate.

    It's a political statement and has nothing to do with Islam.

  3. Those two juxtaposed pictures say it all, really...

    On my way to do an errand today I was passed (illegally, in a time limited bus lane) by a learner driver in full ninja regalia, complete with letterbox eye slit.

    How is that legal? She must have had zero peripheral vision!

  4. It certainly doesn't seem like a safe way to drive but we wouldn't be able to say anything!

    I just feel as though these people don't want to be part of our society, they have simply come to the UK to build a mini "Islamic State", with the help of the British Taxpayer.. which is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

    Personally, I find people who cover their faces ill mannered.

    I suffer from tinnitus intermittently and sometimes rely partially on lip reading and facial expressions in order to communicate with people.

  5. I'm convinced that the EU is deliberately using us as an offshore dumping ground for the dregs of their humanity, Sue, so these latest outrages don't surprise me in the least, they do however, make me extremely angry.

  6. Sue, Brilliant spot - hope you don't mind I have nicked the pic (with acks of course) for a comment of my own.

  7. The Hungarian situation is a deep worry. The EU is desperate to change the face of England.

  8. So it seems are the Conservatives. Hague is still insisting on supporting Turkeys entry to the EU. You can definitely kiss goodbye to the good old UK then!

  9. Unless we get out now Sue, we have already kissed goodbye to the old UK!

    You up for La Revolucion?

  10. While you do see this sort of thing in the USA you don't see it to the degree it (apparently) exists in the UK. I am baffled as to what the causal factors for this would have to be?

    As an aside, I live in a country foreign to me and I have integrated to the best of my ability over the last decade. I do agree that this is what should happen when any one individual chooses to live in another people's country and those who would behave in a manner that offends local culture to such an extent should be given the choice to acclimate (that is really word in the US) or go home.

    If Muslim countries throw people in jail for kissing without a (marriage) license, surely it ought not to be frowned on if some relevant measure were taken in the west with those insisting on wearing hijab -- especially if they are being forced to do so (though admittedly a fair number of Muslim women do want to wear it).

    I know a 5 year old girl who went to England to visit her father who was there on business. A woman in full hijab walked by and the girl screamed in fear because she thought it was something akin to the grim reaper. Poor thing!

  11. Sorry, meant to say full nijab, not hijab.