Friday, 4 June 2010

Oh Dear

The Government today put it's datasets up online here. (Don't ask me what they are datasets about, I haven't a clue).

I believe they have to be analysed first by some bright spark who knows how to use these figures. CSV files are what my movie database exports to, so I assume these are similar.

The Guardian is doing a live blog on the analyses which is being performed by mySociety.

What I did notice was that you can download the datasets in zip form or by downloading a torrent file which of course you use with filesharing software like utorrent, the same software that people use to download illegal files with.

God Forbid that anyone gets reported using "filesharing" technology and accused of downloading illicit or copyrighted material and then subsequently gets disconnected!

Not bright at all.....


  1. I always thought the government should scatter a few porn videos at random among all their tedious information, it might make a few more read it.

    PS Not me obviously, my heart is pure.