Friday, 4 June 2010

Appeal, on behalf of British Border Patrol

The British Border Patrol is asking citizens to keep on the lookout for a red 1951 Chevy that they suspect is being used to smuggle illegal immigrants across the English Channel from France and into ports along the G.B border. If you see the vehicle pictured below and have reason to believe that it is the suspect vehicle, you are urged to contact your local police Station or the British Customs & Excise.


I don't think the British Border Patrol would notice, do you?


  1. Sue, you may be nearer the truth than you think!

  2. Do you remember the story last year when illegals got through on a coach day trip of Border Patrol people?

  3. Sue, the method and ploy hasn't got the 'legs to run'!

  4. Subrosa. It's just not funny is it?

    OH. I remember, can the British Government BE ANYMORE EMBARRASSING?

    WfW... Reminds me of The Flintstones, still, stone age is no different to the third world.