Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Quote of the Day

When asked whom he would vote for, Ray Winstone says "I don't like any of them – they are all liars," the star of Sexy Beast said at the private viewing of paintings by Mitch Griffiths at the Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair. "There should be a box on the ballot form that says 'abstain'. I would put a cross in that one."

Source : The Telegraph


  1. I've always liked Ray Winstone Sue and by coincidence my current post kinda features "Sexy Beast", great movie.
    However abstaining is not the way to get rid of beastly Brown, luvvies might be good actors but that does not make them political experts.

  2. I like him too but you're right. At least he's not siding up to the Gorgon or Clegg. I'm very disappointed in Colin Firth. I've gone right off him!

  3. I'm all for an abstention option, though admittedly on it's own it doesn't do anything except let you see the difference between those can't be bothered to vote and those who want to but don't have anyone to vote for. But what if the electoral system was altered so that if the number of abstentions was the largest proportion of the vote then it's nullified, all candidates are rejected and a new election scheduled in, say, four weeks where the parties are expected to find new candidates?

  4. AE. Sounds like a fair proposition to me although it might get rather expensive for the parties. Abstentions should be taken into account. They show how disillusioned the electorate are.

  5. Agree with Sue about the drawbacks of nullifying elections. After a couple of rounds which went undecided even a political junkie like myself would probably give up and stay at home, so you'd be on a downward spiral of re-run and void ballots.

    You could, of course, leave the seat empty. Only to be re-balloted at the next GE or if 50%+1 of the local electorate petition for a by-election. It'd be the ultimate in small government and government my consent!