Thursday, 6 May 2010

Convicted Criminal, Get a Dog!


A convicted burglar was let out of prison so he could take care of his dog.

Daniel Reaney walked free after pleading with a judge to allow him home because there was no one to look after Staffordshire bull terrier Vinnie.

The 31-year-old criminal had been remanded in custody for ten days after being accused of assault - while already out on bail for burglary.


But Judge David Pugsley decided to 'break all the conventions' and bail Reaney again on Tuesday.
Reaney is due to be sentenced tomorrow for five offences including burglary and had been warned he was likely to be jailed.

So when he appeared in court via a video link on the assault charge this week, he pleaded for three days of freedom to take care of the dog.

He told Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court: 'He's a Staffordshire bull terrier. He's lovely, he's like a child to me.
'I've had to get someone to go in to feed him for me, but I need to sort something out for him. I know I'll probably be sent to prison on Friday.' Reaney claimed to have mended his ways. 'I've turned my life around, I've been doing voluntary work,' he said.

The bail application was opposed by prosecutors, who pointed out that Reaney was already on bail at the time of the alleged attack".

It does make you wonder about the sanity of some Judges. What on earth is going to happen if Reaney makes a run for it, with his baby of course? How will the stupid Judge feel then?

Has the Judge considered the human rights of the people he assaulted and robbed? How does he think they will feel?

I am just waiting to see if all this insanity changes after the Conservatives are in power.

I won't hold my breath!

Source : Daily Mail


  1. I've got a goldfish, will that do as my get out of jail free card?

  2. Any one have the "judge's" address? I cannot leave my tomato plants unattended so obviously jail would be impossible and I'm sure he has a nice TV I could "redistribute".

  3. Bloody ridiculous Judge, they should retire him, he's obviously got senile dementia!

  4. Did the judge not have the option of humane destruction?

    No, no! For the criminal! The dog can always be rehomed...

  5. This is beyond parody! it seems that Socialists now detest themselves so much, they're now quite willing to give their votes away to the peoples of Bangladesh, Ghana and Afghanistan.

    Once again it needs to be reiterated, Socialism is a mental illness. Just look at Gordon to rubber stamp that view.

  6. JuliaM. They are quite willing to give other people dogs away. Apparently twice this week there have been stories where chipped dogs have been found and rehomed and the RSPCA have refused to give the animals back to their owners.

    Dazed. I've seen that too. I can't see how that is legal.

  7. We'll have to wait and see if he does a runner.

  8. Sue, did you see the small article in the Telegraph which reported that a chap had finally won his fight, after 10 years, to erect a memorial to the Thames boatmen who helped out at Dunkirk?

    The Envirnment Agency objected that foreigners would be 'offended' by the use of the words "war" and "victory", this country has gone insane.