Friday, 7 May 2010

Election Map

It seems to me ENGLAND wants to be Conservative. Why haven't we got our own Parliament? Why are we still be ruled by Scots?

I'm no fan of Cameron and his left wing Conservative Party but, they won fair and square so


  1. Why get yet another layer of government draining the poor taxpayer? The solution has been proposed more than once: MPs from non-English constituencies (i.e. Wales and NI as well as the Scots) to be excluded from voting on English only matters. Naturally Liebour has a vested interest in preventing either from happening, but the second option could be achieved much more cheaply and far more quickly since it should require nothing but legislation. An English Parliament would require billions spent on London version of Holyrood, which would be late and over budget to boot.

  2. The other option would be to shut the border, tell them they're on their own and deport the Scottish MPs back to Edinburgh. Bit extreme though.

  3. Labour also seem to have most of the inner city areas.
    But then again they are foreign countries now too.

  4. Either way, it's quite obvious that the English want Conservatism.


    Scottish Labour can take their foreigners with them!!!!

  5. Gordon Brown - just fuck off you unelected Scottish twat.
    This fucking communist fucking dullard might have to be overthrown.
    Whatever you thoughts about Cameron, at least he's a real person who cares, not a fucking communist arsehole, Brown is a fucking megalomaniac.

  6. Meanwhile, we're held to ransom.

  7. If we had just given independence to Chilly Jocko Land instead of that stupid mishmash of letting them have their own Parliament and MPs in ours not only would we have been spared the hypocrisy, malfeasance and treachery of the past 13 years we would now be having a smug giggle to ourselves as Scotland followed Greece and Portugal along the road to financial collapse.

  8. This whole thing is a sham. We need an English Parliament and to get out of the EU FAST!

    Then all that is required, is a REAL CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT, one that really believes in democracy.


  9. As I understand it Sue the SNP opt not to vote on purely English matters at Westminster, extention and enforcement of that would do the trick.