Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sky Satellite

I'm not sure what is happening but my Sky Satellite has now died on both my decoders. I have the biggest dish in town with a twin LNB and its dead. I was wondering whether the volcanic dust would affect the signal to Spain? The decoder I have is especially for receiving Sky in Spain (even though they won't advertise the fact that they DO sell them).

I can't think of any other reason, it's worked in various locations for 4 years. Time to watch my "X Files Box Set".

Just as well I have great broadband.

Another thought, this massive cloud of poisonous dust rather puts a mockery on all the money and bullying that the Gestapo have put us through. Puts a whole new perspective on a cow fart!


  1. I know nothing of Sky and their boxes but would be unable to spend time advising you Sue since I have to rush out and panic-buy surgical masks to protect myself against the ash attack from Iceland before "remaining indoors" as advised by The Man From The Ministry.
    Mind you, they tried that at Pompeii and it didn't do them much good.

  2. Isn't it a sad state of affairs when you don't whether you can believe your government or not? They've lied constantly to us. Not only OUR government but the WHO and the UN are part of this "global" conspiracy.

    Sky still dead but could be the weather too, it's just terrible. We are usually heading into summer this time of year.

  3. Have a look at the Digital Spy forums, loads of good stuff re telly/satellite issues.

  4. Or, reading your previous post, it may be something to do with the weather you have.

  5. Rab, thanks I will.

    James, I'm greedy, I like information overload :)

  6. SKY recently issued new cards, Sue. Is that related?

  7. we're doomed18 April 2010 at 13:45

    Seems a bit of a coincidence. Iceland owe us £3Bn. In exchange for this they agree to fire their ash at us. A million affluent Britons can't get home to vote Tory or Lib Dem. Our airspace is closed to foreigners. Overseas viewers are blocked from watching the news in the UK. Next step is a delay in the election. Then martial law due to the emergency.
    Game over.

  8. Sky has been uninterrupted here in Gib and locally so I wouldn't be blaming Iceland for this one!

    If anything, Telefonica has been the flaky thing recently...