Sunday, 18 April 2010

Downfall Parodies or Free Speech in Labours Britain

I was casually reading the online papers and surfing about (as my satellite is still dead) and noticed something really strange...

The Downfall Parodies have been removed, but this link in The Telegraph proves that its some WHINGING, CHILDISH, UNDERHAND, SOCIALIST, SNIDE, LITTLE C*NT who is doing it and NOT CONSTANTIN FILMS or they would all be gone! I have noticed a few others "selectively"disappearing from your blogs too, so check them and hopefully it's just youtube that are being blackmailed by Labour.


AN XBOX PARODY ... it's still there..

What a bunch of pathetic losers. I suggest you all re-upload to one of these sites.


  1. All "Downfall" vidoes, featuring Gordon Brown. The Dianne Abbott "Revolutionary" video, and here's my own submission to this outright ban, a mocking Common Purpose video featuring the "Brave" leadership of both Julia Middleton and Gordon Brown New Labour and their odious allies certainly have been making fair use of the the controversial digital economy bill, that they forced through a washed up parliament, before the election began.

  2. I suggest everyone re-uploads to a different video storage provider.

    his is death to free speech. You mean to say they can insult any other party as much as they like and not get the treatment back?

  3. Most of mine are now blocked apart from, oddly, the one with the most views. Even one that is private has been blocked.

    The claim is this. Oh well .. .. there'll be other opportunities to upload it to other sites .. ..

  4. Thanks for the tip off Sue, wonder if they will shut down EDL or Christmas videos because they offend you know who...

    Well, I am offended that they feel offended.


  5. Socialist Scum. If they think they're going to lose, they cheat, lie, steal and defame. Bunch of fucking losers.

  6. Cult of personalities, just like the classic Stalinist regimes of the east...

  7. The little fucker responsible for this is called Neil Lees, a scrawny little weed of a cunt who is Labour's/ Common Purpose's snoop on all the video sites like You Tube, Daily Motion and the rest.

    This little fuckpig goes by the name UK Fightback but he has a bunch of others - feel free to circulate......
    ukfightback, eeaattery, mrrightuk, bnpinfo, CY2290, masterracemyarse, komradhall, racistscumstersdie, Kayman92, stopthebnp, nobnp4uk....

    And if you want to see what the little cunt looks like, you cn find him here!!

  8. There is so much quiet removal going on of late - I've noticed old favourites disappearing.

  9. This is government censorship just like in Nazi Germany. Someone needs to punch that little fuck on that big pointy nose of his.

  10. I have about 20 Downfall vids downloaded and would be quite happy to creat another Youtube/Daily Motion/X-Porn channel on which to upload them.

  11. They pulled mine the Gimps.. However - There's more than one way to skin a cat!

    Stand by for a ne wlink...

  12. Oh well There goes Downfall

    I couldn't possibly comment but yes its a sad day when the downfall parodies cease to be