Saturday, 17 April 2010

Cancelled Flights

Just in case you were looking forward to a break on the Costa Del Sol and have been grounded...

The weather here has been crap. It's been like monsoon season for the last few days and last night's thunderstorm kept me awake all night.

It knocked out the electricity and was a real pain.

You are not missing anything. The UK has better weather.


  1. 18 degrees here. Nice. Bloody cars are covered with a fine dust....ash?

  2. Weather is fine here in Libya too.

    But there is no fooking beer! I have decided to head home. No idea how long it will take though....


  3. @ Captain Ranty....what's the water like for swimming?

  4. Cato,

    I will kill any bugs I catch with a sudden infusion of grappa. The water should be warm enough, and as long as I can swim faster than the refugees I should be okay.


  5. MV, If only we could cancel the flights of fancy that our Lib/Lab/Con have?

  6. I was born in Benghazi, Libya, we were stationed there in the late 50's. I still have photos of the street where we lived. Infact, after that we were stationed in Cyprus and then later during Suez, we lived in Aden for 2 years.

    Hence my liking for the sun (which is sadly lacking at the moment).

    I'd like to go back one day and have a look at all the places I don't remember.

    WFW. It's a fucking shambles isn't it?

  7. Hope you get home safe Capt.

  8. Thanks Sue. I'm sure it will all work out.

    I have been to Benghazi several times. It is a "hotbed of trouble-causers" (according to Gadaffi supporters) but everyone I met there was welcoming and friendly.

    More bullshit from the ruling junta, I think.


  9. We just need to get rid of our ruling junta!

  10. May 6, May 6, May 6, May 6, May 6.

    It can't come fast enough.....

  11. Thanks to ASH and ASH I'me stranded where
    no decent ,fair minded mortal with
    a streak of honour in his being
    wants to be stranded, a desolate
    attol called Britain.
    Even if Malaga had a foot of snow
    and wolves prowled the streets its
    got to be better than Manchester
    on the most sunniest of evenings.
    Anyway I prefer to do my boozing
    (and smoking)alongside men with
    bollocks not insects with yellow stripes on their folded wings.

    Ash Buster

  12. Oldrightie's slogan of the campaign, vote yellow, get Brown!

  13. Anon. I must admit it is nice to have a ciggie when you go out but as I've said many times before, the Spanish would cause riots if they tried it here.

    OR. I still can't believe there are people that will vote for Brown.

  14. It's been beautiful here for a week, sunshine morning til night with temperatures around 18.

    Auch CR, think about your journey home as an adventure. That's how it used to be 100 years ago. :) Haste ye back.

    Oh Anon, you've just reminded me that I'm out tomorrow evening at a real anti-smoking bash. Must remember to take my florescent jacket with me, just so as I'm noticed standing outside in the dark.