Monday, 19 April 2010

Gordon's Imported Voters

Gordon Brown was again patronising the British Public by saying that we should get immigration into perspective.

He would say that. He will never have to live between two third world, warring tribes. Much of the trouble on council estates is caused by different tribal factions living adjacent to each other. I've seen it myself. There is even an "annual punchup" between asians and blacks where I used live.

Gordon, if I wanted to live in a predominantly immigrant area, I would have moved to Somalia or Pakistan.

"Asked whether 160,000 coming in every year was acceptable, he said: 'Let's get this in perspective; there are a million people who've come from the European Union at various stages to work in Britain, but there's also a million Britons have gone to work in the European Union".


Do you know why Gordon? Most of the people I know have left BECAUSE OF YOUR IMMIGRATION POLICY. You've managed to get rid of all those highly skilled Britons and opened the floodgates to a useless bunch of illiterate layabouts and criminals with no consciences.

We don't recognise the towns we grew up in, or in my case, the town where my family lived for at least 3 generations has been completely invaded, it's 98% immigrant and it fucking pisses me off!

We need to stop immigration completely for a while until we've sorted this mess out, especially with people from outside the EU and East Europeans. Both types of people just aren't used to living in a normal civilised society.

PAT CONDELL ON ISLAM shows the complete incompatibility between our two cultures. Muslims will not become civilised as we know, they have merely brought their barbarous behaviours to our shores.

Have you seen the kind of lives these people have left? You cannot expect them to settle into British Life and get a 9 to 5.



It just ain't going to happen but you don't care. You don't have to live near their squalor. You don't have to put up with the abuse and most importantly YOUR FREE SPEECH HAS NOT BE CURTAILED.

Ours has, for fear of hurting these savages feelings. They have no feelings, all they can see are pounds notes in their eyes as they pursue their racist compensation on legal aid through the corrupt British Courts.

The people you have invited are used to murdering each other for their next meals. They are used to scamming "white folk" and "tourists". Instead of appreciating what you have done for them, they have made our country a very unpleasant place to live in some areas.

I watched a film the other day called "The White Masai". It was a true story about a Swiss Woman who falls for a handsome Masai Warrior. No matter how hard she tried, their cultures were just not compatible and she ended up leaving Africa and going home.

As Fido pointed out yesterday.

Britains most wanted are mostly fucking foreigners ripping off and murdering Britons.

I have been collecting press cuttings for the last year on non British Criminals and it's by far the largest of my folders.


  1. These words repulse me.

  2. Norton. Some of us are not afraid to tell the truth.

    Isabella. Don't fucking read them then. I don't write this blog for the righteous, I write it firstly for me and secondly for the disgruntled, pissed off, livid people out there who feel the same way.

    I check all my facts as best I can, if you don't like the truth, Tough Titties (as we Brits say).