Saturday, 27 March 2010

British Shanties!

The Express says "Gordon Brown has fiddled toll of migrants". (No shit Sherlock, unless you live in white commuter belt, you would be aware of this).

Other bloggers have highlighted this, so there is no need for me to repeat the true figures and obvious discrepancies (lies).

We know Labour have lied (and still are) about immigration. We know that they opened the borders to spite "White Britain". We know that as "indigenous people" our opinions do not matter. We know that if we have the tiniest criticism of immigration or immigrants we will be called names and have our reputations smeared.

I couldn't give a fuck to be honest!

Not only has uncontrolled immigration damaged our frontline services, it is now also threatening our environment and the wildlife. From a post I first saw on the news network (an excellent new resource).

This has got to stop. They estimate a couple of million pensioners will be moving back to the UK soon from Australia because the government has refused to index link their pensions. They are now having to take the British Government to the European Court of Human Rights. These expatriates have worked all their lives for their pensions and have simply moved to be with family or to live in a healthier climate. The British Government need to stop sucking up to foreigners while at the same time completely ignoring their own people.

In the last six months, I have seen at least 20 British families move back to the UK and that's only in the town in which I live. All these people will want somewhere to live, after all, it is their country of origin. Most expats still consider Britain as their home.

Take for example Peterborough (I have blogged on this menace before). Not only are the predominantly East Europeans living in resident's sheds and gardens, they have started to create shanty towns in our local public beauty spots.

The River Nene Project cost £10 million and they are spoiling it for everyone else!

"With more than 16,000 new Eastern European immigrants arriving in the past five years, those unable - or unwilling - to pay for accommodation in Peterborough have instead adopted the lifestyle of ancient hunter-gatherers, albeit with a penchant for vast amounts of strong Polish vodka and beer. Living in crude shelters made of wood and plastic sheeting, scores of immigrants have taken up permanent residence all along the Nene". Daily Mail

They are fucking eating the swans. Don't they belong to The Queen? Isn't this treason? At the very least it's poaching.

What political party is responsible for this area?

This is a prime target area for BNP votes if I ever saw one.


What gets me is : Where are the righteous? Where are P.E.T.A? Where are all the looney environmentalists? Do they get a bin service, can you imagine the rubbish they leave, booze bottles, syringes, human waste. Most of these people are drug addicts and alcoholics.

Why aren't we putting these people on a plane and sending them home to their families? Are we actually letting more of them in?


Update : Tory Totty Online has given an account of her personal experience of Peterborough on her excellent blog!


  1. Hey lovely!

    Great minds - I just posted bout this!

    Let me tell you - it's hideous beyond comprehension. You know where I live ;-) It's a Tory local government in Peterborough and the other party you spoke of don't field a candidate.

    I'll certainly be writing to Stuart Jackson about this - it's entirely unacceptable.

    Great post x

  2. When you rant lass, you sure rant! Damn good post, as usual.

    What really gets my goat is that the EU/Germany/France are determined to eradicate their bete noir (and noir, ie anything other than white, would seem to be the operative word when discussing immigration!) that is the UK!

    As to putting them on planes - you can blame the above and our politicians who handed the reins of power over.

  3. TT. I can't believe our beautiful parks are being trashed. What makes me weep is, if either of us dropped a fag end on the pavement, we would be arrested!

    I'm not surprised it's Tory. It does show that there really is no difference between them. I bet you any money, they won't do anything.

    Now if UKIP had their say... that's a different matter.

    WFW. I am livid. Taxpayers have paid for this space for decent people to enjoy and now it's another no-go area.

    What with no-go areas in cities ruled by gangs and now, shanty towns, soon we'll have nowhere to go.

  4. I'd be interested to see if you get a response from Jackson TT..

  5. Sue, the case was lost in the "European Court of Human Rights". Pensions are to remain frozen if you are in some of the older commonwealth countries such as Aus., NZ and Canada. The extra infrastructure and NHS costs associated with the returnees, will more than wipe out the pensions saving. Complete fucking madness.

    I don't suppose the large influx of eastern Europeans has shifted the large muslim population out of Peterborough. What a shithole the country has become thanks to neu liblabcon.

  6. lmfao - that shanty poster is awesome! Did you make it? Just had a 'what a vile, racist post' comment from anonymous lefty! lol

  7. Dave. Thanks for the info. Well, it looks like many pensioners will be arriving back to the UK once they can't make ends meet. I wonder what sort of welcome they will get (what with all that white skin). I'd start working on my tan if I were them, they're likely to get a better response at the council housing and benefit offices.

    TT : You know me, I like doing my own artwork:) Help yourself, if you dare. I think everyone knows I don't pussyfoot about, fuck the lot of them.

    Truth hurts. I'd like to know how crime has risen in these areas. East Europeans on the whole (Poles excluded really) are thieving, conniving, murdering bastards and we should have never let them into the EU.

    I'd like to stick an East European Shanty Shack in each lefties garden and then see what they think.

  8. I know a theatre nurse in a town 30 odd miles from Peterborough, and he has never had so much overtime putting eastern Europeans, mostly Poles, back together. Apparently they like to try out street amputations on one another.

  9. I bet statistics aren't available. Can you imagine if we were actually told the truth about how immigration has affected us?

    Don't get me wrong. I don't blame the actual immigrants. I blame the EU and the British Government. Many of these people have come from desperately poor countries where they have probably been forced to break the law to survive. The trouble is, they bring their "baggage" with them and we suffer as a result.

    Most East European Countries are pretty third world. Hell, it was pretty third world when I moved to southern spain! Even getting a telephone was impossible. People still ride on donkeys and you can often get caught in a herd of goats on the main road!

  10. What I can't understand is why the houseowners whose garages/sheds have been taken over by immigrants don't firebomb them? Wait until the immigrants are out for the day then burn the shelters to the ground - if they return & start building again - firebomb again - while they're inside this time. No use whining - do something!