Sunday, 22 November 2009

Student Visa Con Continues!


Student visa numbers soar after new rules take effect (Filmed at Heathrow, the massive queues of immigrants waiting to come into the UK).

The number of students entering the UK from India and Bangladesh has risen sharply since a new visa system began, the BBC has learned.

The UK Border Agency had said it believed the total number of students was "roughly the same" as last year.
But a Freedom of Information request has revealed the number of students entering from these countries alone nearly tripled over the summer.

Lies, spin or is this government simply and completely incompetent?

I'd love to know if there's a "clocking in" and "clocking out" process in place here and whether these people are monitored at their "educashon establishments"... I wonder how many will just "disappear".....


  1. The sad thing is , is if some of the anti eu nutters had their way, they would vote Brown back in to get revenge on Cameron for breaking a promise he did not make, the treat is RATIFIED we cannot un ratify it.
    The latest poll should be a severe concern to everyone of a centre right disposition that the fucking monocular lying traitorous cunt might get back in if we are not united in keeping the bastard from getting another term.
    All the guff he spouted about immigration and then this, how anyone can talk about immigration and voting Labour in the same sentence is truly indefinable madness.
    They are deliberately flooding us with immigrants everything they do is deliberate, they knew this would happen, that's why they changed the rules, if Brown gets back in, the final nail will be hammered into our coffin, be warned!

  2. This is really shocking. This pathetic government gets nothing right, and then lies about its successes. Its only 8am where I am, and I suddenly feel a need for a Johnny Walker to calm my blood pressure down.

    Sean lynch.. Cameron did promise. He lied. Obviously he holds the electorate in the same sort of esteem as the rest of the political cunts in the mainstream parties. If the guy had any balls he would give us an in or out referendum. His lies are going to cost him; hence the DT opinion poll results. Hes just more of the same, and for the first time in my life I will be voting UKIP at the next general election , instead of Conservative.. Unless of course he gives us a referendum.

  3. DaveP I can't tell you who to vote for mate, but chances are you'll end up with Brown as P.M.
    Labour has something the Tories never really had, a core vote, if the centre right opposition is fragmented by single issue groups, Labour will get back in, take no notice of the utter nitwit Clegg, he'll back Labour in a hung parliament, LibDems are Labour with a small l, they always back Labour in any contentious votes in the Commons, they voted with the government over the Lisbon Treaty remember, that's how it was rammed through.
    Cameron promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty had it NOT been ratified by the time A Conservative Government came to office, he was relying on stalling tactics employed by other centre right European leaders, however we were ALL outwitted by the left, led pricipally by the useless Stalinist Gordon Brown.

  4. Sean. The trouble is I do not remember Cameron qualifying his referendum plan in any way, when he made it. We were to get a referendum on the trety; no ifs or buts. Sue quoted him on her blog a few weeks ago.

    I absolutely fucking hate new labour, but if they did get in on a hung parliament, so be it. One more useless, corrupt Labour government would destroy the party for good, and I think we would end up getting our referendum from whichever government replaced them. (hopefully a chastened Tory one that will serve the wishes of the people). We may have to endure more pain before the gain, but I see no easy option now. It seems democracy is on hold whilst we endure the lib/lab/con dictatorship, as it is at present.

    As for Cameron not realising what the centre right European leaders were up to..Well it just confirms to me, that the guy is not up to the leaders job. Agree with you on the useless lib dumbs.

  5. Cameron is a useless traitor who is part and parcel of the Bilderberg conspiracy!

  6. Sean lynch, I've never voted for anybody other than the Tory candidate ( though have sometimes abstained ) but such is Camerons treachery that this time I will be voting UKIP in the hopes of a hung Parliament ( Dave dependent upon some UKIPers and Labour forced to share the Opposition benches with a couple BNP from their own heartland ) not only because of his lies about Our Referendum but numerous other things like his pathetic attempt to copy Blairs Babes.

    Back O/T; this morning even BBC Radio 2 News were taking the piss out of 'roughly the same ' meaning X 3 as many.
    "OK Hoffisher, I am roughly sober even if your silly machine says I'm three times over the drink drive limit".

  7. banned, as long as the ugly one wasn't PM, I could live with that outcome, a few just desserts being served up, in fact it sounds like good fun, especially Labour having to sit with their ideological mates the BNP!