Saturday, 21 November 2009

Whose Money?

As if we didn't already know!

Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge helping our own in a crisis but can we get things quite clear here.... it's the TAXPAYERS MONEY not yours, you c*nt!!!!!!


Has anyone got access to these reports? (Just curious to see the books :)

OR this one?


  1. It's all part of the misdirection used by government who see themselves as our masters rather than our servants. Therefore it's their money, not ours anymore.

    Their day is coming though.

  2. I think you're right. From what I can tell, people are getting pretty sick of all this now.

  3. "people are getting pretty sick of all this now."

    I've been sick of it ever since they came to power. My hard earned money disappearing as fast as I could earn it.

  4. When these useless prats came into power in 1997 my pension pot took a £100,000 hit. It's been downhill ever since with a further £90k pi**ed up the wall in he last three years. Still we have such lovely old bridges collapsing so money has to be found somewhere. How about the EU juggernaught traffic wrecking our old roads and infra-structure paying up?

  5. Presumably you are now back in Spain?

    I saw this and intended to say something but you beat me to it! My first thought was and where is this £1m coming from? Maybe he has donated the interest earned on his ACA and 'expenses'? Or, more likely, has he just found some money though the well know process of Brown Accounting?

  6. Yes, I'm back here in civilisation!

    We need a big clear out of all corruption. That includes the EU, Conservatives, Labour and LibDems!

    They're all parasites!

  7. Perhaps all MP's should give up some of their salaries/expenses/perks/benefits to put towards the £1 million?

  8. I'm sure everything's ok Sue - it's money granted by the largesse of the EU and we know they don't expect anything in return, don't we?

    Money conjured up from thin air (QE), borrowed or taken in grants with conditions - it makes no difference really: there will be a price to pay. Still, nice of Gordon isn't it?

    xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

  9. Welcome home Sue. Auch it's only money isn't it. GV thinks the EU will pay - maybe they'll give us a wee refund on the 60% extra it's going to cost us next year.

    If you want the link I'll dig it out.

    Have most of you not noticed when he speaks of foreign aid it's always 'government' money too.


  11. Sorry, too fast on the posting finger. Meant to say
    "The European Union has announced what could be seen as an early Christmas present to Nigeria - one billion dollars in aid.

    The money, from the EU's development fund, will be for targetting areas such as conflict resolution and tackling corruption."


  12. I don't begrudge the goodly folk of Cumberland 50p per head from the rest of the grown ups; had they asked I would probably have donated more having visited most of the places now sadly in the news.

    "Brown pledges support for Lake district". So that's them fucked.

  13. Just what good is £1mill going to do anyway? The rebuilding of that washed out bridge that claimed the life of the policeman will swallow up most of that!

    How about we say to Africa and Asia "Sorry, fellas, we're recommitting that overseas aid we promised. Got our own doorstep to sort out this time" instead?

  14. That's exactly what we should be saying for a while Julia!

    It's called "Getting your own house in order first"..

  15. Davieboy..The EU must have received one of those famous Nigerian letters.

    Another $1bn to be embezzled by the Nigerian establishment. This is the country where my late father discovered all the medical aid (ambulances etc) donated by Blue Peter during the Biafran war hidden away in a military warehouse in Lagos. This was years after the war was over. Thieving bastards.

  16. Let's face it he doesn't give flying fuck about Cumbria, it's a photo op and he's playing PM, anyway Cumbria is not in his beloved Sockland or Africa, if they sank or swam he couldn't care less.
    This imbecilic government needs to understand it should pay for everything that needs fixing, for crying out loud if they are not looking after the people in this country what is the fucking point of them being there! As Sue said, it's OUR money he's pissing up the wall, the hateful ugly creep.