Monday, 2 November 2009

My Favourite Band!

... and one for the gentlemen! :)

The VERY Uncensored Version is here - ENJOY!
(Ensure the wife, girlfriend or other female relative is not looking over your shoulder)...


  1. I know.. but you lot in the UK rarely get a treat. Everything is against the law!!!!

  2. That uncensored version is pretty hot, Sue!

  3. I do enjoy a bit of porn :)

  4. Sue, " Pussy Music " ! I'm shocked and will have to clear out my temporary internet files pronto before " they " find it there.

  5. I love Rammstein. Whips, chains and Rock and Roll....

    They have rather pushed it to the limit with this one :)

    I don't expect it to be online for too much longer, someone has got to realise its hard porn sooner or later!

  6. This is fantastic.... with mute on.

  7. I'm glad you like it Anon.... always good when you find something forbidden on the net.

    Of course, in a democracy, it would be up to us adults whether we watch this delightful stuff or not!

    Not a heavy metal fan then?

  8. I'm in total agreement with you on that Sue.

    Incidentally I posted a comment yesterday about whether it is time for a Referendum Party for the 21st Century. I think the idea of a party that would offer people a truly democratic choice for once would be well received. The idea that a party didn't want power, but wanted to empower individuals by giving them a pre-prepared referendum and then disbanding certainly appeals to me.

    I would disagree with the heavy metal comment though Sue... for real rock its got to be Led Zep or similar, or for something more modern Pantera or Sepultura... whilst these guys have great video work I'm afraid the tunes are too tinny. Sorry... Love the blog BTW.

  9. Thanks Anon :)

    I really think we need a powerful party to firstly get us out of the EU as we have now lost control of everything.

    When we have control of our country, the idea of lots of small independent representatives or parties would be the way to go for a true democracy.

    After all, each region is different in its requirements and needs and those should be decided and voted upon at a local level.

    This isn't the best of Rammstein I admit, their earlier stuff is better but I love Zeppelin, Linkin Park, Pantera, Sepultura and Limp Bizkit too.. infact I'm a typical headbanger, New Rocks and all :)

  10. Should be an interesting stage show! I'll be at Wembley to see them in February!

    Sue, I agree that it's not their best stuff though. 'Mutter' is my favourite album and I've been playing their latest since it came out and there's only a couple of tracks that stand out for me. (by the way, have you checked out CombiChrist, the support band on the tour? I hope they'll be on the UK dates but not confirmed yet)