Monday, 2 November 2009

Broken Promises!


Withdrawal: For the first time countries have the right to withdraw from the European Union.

My Cast Iron Promise : Give us an in/out referendum and if we decide it's out, I will come back to the UK, bring my business and assets with me and help rebuild it.

Note : I will not pay taxes to fund corrupt wars, lazy benefit bastards, foreign criminals, anything to do with spreading Islam, bogus asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, corrupt police forces and judiciaries, nanny state nagging (smoking, drinking, drugs etc), unproven climate change, human rights abuse, political correctness bullshit, quangoes, overseas dictators, anything to do with surveillance or databases which make criminals out of innocent people, banks and snout in the trough politicians!

In short, I want my country, our democracy and our freedom back!


And so the fight begins :


  1. We could end up crossing each other in the Channel!

  2. Depends, they would have to prove they're doing all this first. It's taken me years to escape and find somewhere free.

    Have you read this Dizzy, got it sussed!

  3. So, Labour might get in for another 5 years as the Conservatives fear. Many of us will think so what, we're hard pushed to spot the differences anyway. Cameron and/or the Conservative leadership need a stark lesson on what the UK people want, and it isn't the EU. If that means another 5 years of Labour, as horrible as that may be, then a Conservative party promising to lead us out, then that's a price worth paying.
    They need to know, No referendum = No vote!

  4. I put forward the following on Tory Bear:

    Is the climate ready for a Referendum Party for the 21st Century?

    Do you remember these guys?:

    Party registration fee = £125.

  5. It's sad but I rather think that Old Rightie's expectations are more likely than your hopes. My wife and I are talking more and more these days about the possibility of emigration. I don't see much to change that in the near future and I guess we'll just decide to go at some stage.

  6. Cameron never stops living up to our expectations of him - twat!!

  7. Cast-Iron breaks vvery easily when you drop it. Very clever Mr. Cameron.
    I agree with Quiet_Man and would rather see a further Labour administration than vote for Cameron who seems to be just another traitor, like Heath.