Sunday, 29 November 2009

Land of Hope and Glory

Captain Rantys post today really depressed me earlier. It's entitled "Theft Report". Capt Ranty adds "This actually falls under pre-crime, because the theft will not take place until 00:01 hours, Tuesday 1st December 2009".... read it in disbelief!

I suppose the weather is not helping. Its miserable (note climate fraudsters, cold and not hotter than normal, but bloody cold) and raining here in the Costa del Sol and I am moving on Wednesday for the 6th time since relocating to Spain. It all feels kind of final... but the flat I'm moving to is much better and cheaper than the one I have now and business is brisk!

The EU is going to implode in the not too distant future as they all become quite megalomaniacal with the power they have stolen from us. I've noticed the contempt and dissent even here in Spain, especially from expatriots who have escaped their homelands to seek a freerer lifestyle here in the Costas.

And just to remind you all, we are British and Proud to be British.....we will fight this, we have fought for our freedoms for a thousand years, we won the last time a few hundred years ago, we will win again!

Please join the Albion Alliance. It is a NON POLITICAL GROUP of normal, decent, human beings that just want their democratic voice returned!


  1. Thanks for the link Sue, but honestly, I would have preferred NOT to have written the piece.

    This is huge, and I was one of those that did nothing while they gave our nation away.

    I will be wearing black on Tuesday.

    Sad, sad, sad times.


  2. Same here Captain but I was never interested in politics until I realised what was happening. I am however, not going to let this drop. I am in the process of chatting with expats here in the Costa del Sol and trying to get them to join the Albion Alliance. I need to do some posters to put in my place of business.

    I am trying to find Spanish people locally that are involved in similar groups and hopefully, one day, we can join all the freedom loving people in Europe and create a European Freedom Alliance.

    I think ultimately, we all want the same thing, our democracies back!

  3. Thanks for the Land Of Hope And Glory vid Sue. I don't bother with our annual national wank-fest usually but it was heartening to see not only the Union Flags and those of the Home Nations but also representations from our many friends from around the world.