Monday, 31 August 2009

Sick of the Shit!

I'm really busy with work at the moment, but I'm sick of the shit too. Nannying, lying, spinning and no hopes of anything different from the Tories when they get into power. Are they ever going to really speak out against all the bollocks?

I'm totally fucked off!

Even work is a release from the joke of British and EU Politics at the moment. Back soon when things aren't pissing me off quite so much!

I think this kind of did for me! It left Mr Muffled and I quite aghast. We didn't know whether to laugh or to cry! How did everyone in power become so corrupt and such complete c*nts?


  1. At least you've got a job ... All the cr@p will still be here when you get back!

  2. I doubt if I'll be back. I'm struggling to make a business work... it's not easy. I'm tired, lonely (because Mr Muffled works in London to help finance our little project) and I miss my kids in the UK.

  3. It seems to me that Capitalists openly purport look after themselves, whilst the duplicitous Socialists, connive away behind the scenes to look after their own.
    The only real difference that I can ascertain, is the breath taking arrogance that Socialists show their own supporters in speaking at them, and not to them, when a problem should arise.

    This post of course sums Blair and Third Way Project up in a nutshell. "Do as we say and not as we do" - That should be the epitaph on the New Labour tombstone, to remind us all that this human garbage can never be allowed to govern again.

    Lest we forget - If it's not too late already that is!

  4. This "they are all the same" argument plays into politicians' hands. A dramatic and wholesalre kicking of Labour by whatever means will serve as a warning that things must be different and people will and can force such change. As staunch a Conservative as I am, I am not so daft as to not see the Alan Duncan types and other arrogant bastards in my own Party. Thing is, I may just influence their positions from within. At least I am doing something. It is apathy that is the winner that permits them to carry on as normal. I for one expect some big surprises come the election. Sadly they may reduce the kicking Labour have so assiduously earned.

  5. I hope you are right Oldrightie. I will (as will all my friends), despite my loss of faith still be voting Conservative. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they won't let me down.

    It will be a marvellous surprise if they start to change the system for the better. I might even come home :)

  6. Don't hold your breath. nothing will change. Cameron and his sidekicks will stil keep us in the EU, he will renage on his promise to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Liars all.
    Churchill knew what the Common Market was about, he spoke openly about what the EFTA was intended to achieve.The total domination of Europe without recourse to weapons.
    The last proper Tory was kicked out for saying things the progressives did not like, and the few voices prepared to repeat those words are in the wilderness.

  7. Neither labour nor the tories nor the social democrats do anything, all of it is going to be controlled from Brussels Come the Lisbon treaty which will be ratified on the 1st January thats it for parliament Then there will be two years of crap and a revolution. Dont expect miracles before 2012