Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Dan Hannan in the mire with the Righteous!

Oh Dear, Dan Hannan is the brunt of the Labour Party Left Winger nutters yet again, for mentioning Enoch Powell. Enoch Powell, unfortunately, is only remembered for one thing these days his "Rivers of Blood" speech, which incidently, is fast becoming a reality (see my last post). Even the Righteous must have noticed that crime has risen by nearly 80% since Labour came to power, no matter how the figures are spun and massaged by their lying, treacherous leaders.

What he actually said of Mr Powell was “He was somebody who understood the importance of national democracy, who understood why you need to live in an independent country and what that meant, as well as being a free marketeer and a small government Conservative."

Pity that the Socialist cretinous, idiots don't look back on their own Leaders speeches and past. There has never been a more corrupt government than that of Blair, Brown the Unelected and Mandelson who has obviously sold his soul to Satan in return for being a traitor to his own country!

The one thing the righteous, left wing fucktards seem to forget is, THIS IS STILL A DEMOCRACY despite the Labour Party doing their best to make opening your mouth against the law!

FFS, Piss off, you morons!

Clutching at straws, fighting for survival, twisting every word.. pathetic


  1. Yes. Will be interesting to see if the media are willing to help Mandelson create another shitstorm over Hannan like they did with the NHS. Just once i'd like to hear an honest appraisal of Powell (the man) and Powell (the politician) in the MSM.

    As we now know, most of his statements turned out to be prophetic regardless of whether one agrees with his stance when making them.

  2. Dear Sue,
    I really believe we can make a difference. This flag can really impact on the simplest but worthy mind. I look into Downs and other deprived souls and think, maybe, they know and understand so much!

  3. There was an interesting article on PoliticalBetting which was that the polling suggests that the Conservatives will win the next election with a bigger landslide than swept toothy slippery slimy Bliar in in '97.
    Once again with the underhand deals done to free the Lockerbie bomber, Labour has grossly
    got it wrong, most people are horrified by the way it has been handled and it has damaged the whole U.K.
    The game is up for Scotch dominated left wing government, they are quite simply hated now, except for the mindless lemmings who will always vote Liebour because "me mam voted labour, me dad voted labour"
    Has there ever been a more lame duck useless 'leader' anywhere than Brown, he's a waste of an ill fitting suit.

  4. Check out Mr E's comment on this.

    Selective outrage indeed. Lefties never fail to fail, do they?

  5. No, they don't!

    They are desperate though and it shows, it's pathetic!