Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Independent Safeguarding Authority

I came across a news article this morning concerning the above Quango which was created as a result of the Soham murder investigations. The ISA is the organisation in the UK which holds the register of people who "are" and "are not" allowed to work or volunteer their time with children.

Take into consideration, this is an organisation that already assumes "guilt" until it has been proven that you are NOT a paedophile. The database has some 11.3 million people already registered on it, that's 20% of the population. Even if you are a parent who accompanies children on a school trip, you have to pay the £64 to register to be vetted and then allowed the privilege to volunteer your kindness, time and patience!

One of the founding members Sir Michael Bichard has already criticised the organisation during the recent debacle when it was announced by the Home Office that authors visiting schools to give talks would have to register.

He said "the system he had examined in 2004 had been “a mess” and he believed the UK was moving towards a “much better” scheme under which tutors, sports coaches and other people with access to children would have to be registered. But he warned: “What I didn’t want was a disproportionate response. I made it very clear that I didn’t want parents to have to check relatives before they could put their children in their care for babysitting and things like that.

“We must have proportionate arrangements. We mustn’t over-react.”

Yes, you guessed it, as usual, give a quango some power and soon they will take things too far!

You are considered to be a paedophile if you are lonely!

"The Government’s new anti-paedophile database will take into account lifestyles, relationships and beliefs when assessing the backgrounds of more than 11million people, rather than just whether they have a criminal record.
The Independent Safeguarding Authority can consider unproven allegations made in newspaper reports or tip-offs from members of the public, as well as trawling internet chatrooms and websites such as Facebook for evidence to use against applicants.

From next month, some employers will be under a legal duty to pass on information if they think a member of staff poses a risk. Anyone judged to be a danger is banned from working with children, the elderly or homeless people in any capacity".

What on earth is going on? I do hope the next government gets to grips with these Quangoes. The Chair (Roger Singleton is a Government advisor), Chief Executive and Board members consists mainly of a list of, as far as I can see, unqualified (labour orientated?) jobsworths who are obviously raking in some bloody good salaries, all at the taxpayers expense and another database for big brother to link to all the others!

Their website gives no clue as to how much this shambolic organisation is costing everyone.. but trawling around, I found this :


It seems that since it's inception, this organisation has cost the taxpayer NEARLY £80MILLION!


  1. More Gordon Brown 'Investment' or in English, money pissed down the pot.

  2. Good spot, Sue. Excellent.

  3. "I know he's a rapine sexcrazed skunkknockerer. Lead pill him now!!!! Just cause he's quadraplegic and been in a wheelchair all his life doesn't matter, equality and diversity demand it!!!! I can see it in his eyes"

    Lucky for you your out the country Sue, though how far madam's reach is I cannot say.

    Well spotted.

  4. So, with a govt adviser as it's Chairman, not independent at all. I was angry before I read this post but now I'm f*cking furious. Cameron had better sort them out when he gets in.

  5. Yet more taxpayers cash blown on a failing system.

  6. The pure harrassment of good, honest people that is making me angry. This database would stop me as a parent volunteering for anything! Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty?"

    This can't be legal....

  7. "Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?"

    We put the 'Oh, no-one's really guilty, it's all just their upbringing' mob in charge.

    And, if no-one's really guilty, then it stands to reason no-one's really innocent, either...

  8. Did the quango make the new rules themselves?

  9. Worth noting it does not apply to parents just helping out occasionally on school events etc. as soem seem to think.

    Let's hope they don't start using crime profiles. As a scruffy middle aged white guy who drives a van I have to be a paedo.

  10. The scheme was recommended by the Bichard report into the Soham murders and has been approved by the Home Office, I believe.