Monday, 24 August 2009

Last orders for traditional pint glass as search begins for alternatives!

The Home Office (although, what this has to do with them, frankly baffles me), has decided that far too many of us are smashing each other in the face and over the head with the traditional glass pint pot. It seems we can't be trusted with glass any longer!

Therefore, they are going to come up with an alternative "safer" (plastic) design. Why on earth they think that they have to intervene to such an extent is beyond ridicule.

Our Traditional Pint will be gone!

Again, Labour's policy is not to address the problem of why people are drinking to excess, (could it be that they are downright miserable and have been driven to it), but to come up with a solution to make everyone pay for those who DO drink themselves stupid!

Is this research taxpayer funded? I expect it is. Just another group or two of jobsworth added to the giant public service sector that is bleeding the working man dry! And now he can't even have a decent pint to wet his whistle!

Pathetic? Yep.

Quite true, but you don't expect to get one in a pub!
What about this one nanny?


  1. Socialists won't be happy until they have sucked every piece of aesthetic pleasure from life.

  2. Nothing is sacred for these arseholes! In fact, if they can get rid of something traditionally British, they will go all out to do it!! No mention of smaller glasses, then, I take it?

  3. Unbelievable! I hope the publicans resist and insist on buying proper glass pint glasses.

    I am still mourning the loss of the heavier glassed handled mugs... I am certainly not going to the pub to drink out of a plastic beaker

  4. Lets glass a few polititians before this can happen.

  5. Words fail me. Even children are trusted with glass here. What on earth are they thinking? They're all insane!