Thursday, 20 August 2009

Afghanistan Elections.

Both Millpede and the Gorgon have claimed success in the British Forces peacekeeping efforts in the Afghanistan Elections! Granted they may have helped at the actual election stations but this was not an example of democratic voting!

Why are the government ignoring the plight of the WOMEN OF AFGHANISTAN?

Millions of Afghan women have been denied their chance to vote in presidential elections this week because there aren't enough female officials to staff the women-only polling stations.

A desperate shortage of female staff undermined the legitimacy of the elections, which are the pinnacle of western-led efforts to build a peaceful democracy. Strict cultural norms mean women can’t vote in male-run stations.

Of course, at the same time we have those barbaric antiquated laws being ratified by President Hamid Karzai last month, apparently behind the UK and USA's governments' backs... which incidently, I don't believe one bit.

We all know how despicable those laws are : they allow minority Shia Muslim husbands to refuse food and money to their wives if they deny them sex.

Please, what the fuck are we doing funding this barbaric country? Why are our troops dying for these fuckwit, shitbuggery, neanderthal people?

Why are we pretending these elections are a success? Why haven't the UK and USA governments spoken up for these women and threatened sanctions?

Where the fuckety fuck is Harriet Harman and her "equality" big gob now?


  1. Gotta get out of that God forsaken country.

    The Taliban get a percentage of aid rebuilding money from the allies as an inducement not to blow aid projects up, and earn plenty from drugs, purchased by addicts in coalittion countrys. The allies that are trying to destroy them, are financing them. We are subsidising the slaughter of our own troops. Utterly fucking mad.

  2. It's utterly immoral, the whole fucking business!

  3. Labour don't "do" women, Sue. Unless you count Harperson, I don't!

  4. Labour do "window dressing". They don't give a shit about women. Harriet Harman especially believes that women can't make it on their own, they have to be helped with her equality laws!

    It's downright insulting!!!!

  5. Harriet Harman only opens her mouth to talk bollocks when she thinks it will be advantageous to HER!