Thursday, 20 August 2009

Lockerbie Bomber Released

The Lockerbie bomber was this afternoon flying home to Libya in a jet laid on by Colonel Gaddafi after being released from prison on compassionate grounds. Dressed in white tracksuit and baseball cap and with a scarf covering his face, a frail Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi climbed the steps gingerly - but unaided - into the waiting Libyan passenger jet that will take him home to die.

Megrahi was today released from Greenock prison by Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, despite widespread anger from the victims' families. The controversial decision to release Megrahi, who is dying of prostate cancer, will be seen as a slap in the face for those who have demanded he serves his full sentence.

Full Story : Daily Mail

I can't tell you how disgusted I am that this murdering c*** has been released. What compassion did he show to his victims? NONE.

I hope he dies a very slow, painful death and if hell is real, I hope Satan welcomes to an eternity of suffering and damnation!


  1. Sue, this is what happens when you're dealing with a left wing anti American clique, in some
    areas they are more loony left than loony Labour.
    I hope the Yanks by their whisky from Ireland now instead and that will be the end of the Scottish distilleries, it's called spitting in the face of you best friend basically.
    That evil bastard should die inside for the hell he has inflicted on the lives of so many people, what compassion does he deserve, none!

  2. I have to disagree with you. For those of us who have followed the case, it seems that Megrahi is innocent of this terrible crime, and was stitched up. Megrahis second appeal, had it been held, might well have settled his innocence, and would have moved the spotlight onto the dishonest handling of the case by both US and British authorities. The unsettling thing now for the bereaved families, is that they may never know the truth.

    Dr Swire, father of Flora, who perished on the plane, writes on the site below. The Lockerbie Case blogspot is also a good long read on it.

  3. I haven't followed the case. I'm presuming that the legal system has done everything in it's power to find the truth. After all, that's what we are always expected to believe!

  4. I'm with Dave P on this one. If Megrahi did it, he didn't do it alone so there are pieces of the puzzle missing. We know Gaddafi's been courted by the West lately (oil, at a guess) so I think a deal's been done. As Dave says, the relatives of those who died, and we, will never know the truth.

  5. Sue, I really think that the system cares little about the truth. Remember the other wrongful terrorist convictions..the Guildford 5 and the Birmingham 6. The system has 'form'.

    I tried to copy Jim Swires comments, but they were too long, but the link (above comment) takes you there. A must read. Just remember establishment corruption in the UK is not new. I remember an African accademic in the seventies saying that our ex colonised Africans had the best teachers in corruption.. us Brits.

    We British are a great race, but ruled and policed by a bunch of self seeking tossers.

  6. I do know how corrupt our whole system is.. and we are meant to be innocent until proven guilty. I guess we always need someone to blame. It's a fact of life nowadays that the innocent suffer and the real criminals walk away...

    As I said, I'm not familiar at all with the case. If he's innocent, then it was wrong to imprison him, if he's guilty, then he deserves everything he got.