Thursday, 23 July 2009

Is the UK finally bankrupt?

Well, the Government is, morally.

GlaxoSmithKline are the company manufacturing the swine flu vaccine. They have just secured an order from the British Government for 60 million doses (I read 90 million somewhere the other day).

This is at a cost to the taxpayer of £300million. That's not including the the army of migrants, who don't speak English and have no medical training being taken on at £6.00 an hour to advise us on this "terrible killer virus".
I suppose it saves us reproducing the site in 30 different languages, one can only hope that we have a wide range of illegal immigrants interpreters to answer calls from various minorities.

We have had 31 deaths so far in the UK, mostly from inner city areas and overwhelmingly the deaths had serious underlying conditions and complications.

According to The Daily Express, official figures show police recorded 38,082 serious violent or sexual knife offences last year - amounting to 104 every day. Organised crime is costing us billions and the gangs are almost exclusively foreign.

The Telegraph reports that despite the Gorgon's pledge to safeguard spending on schools and universities, government documents show that the total education budget will fall by £100 million after the next election.

Labour certainly know how to prioritise!

No wonder we have no money left, I guess education is secondary..... it allows Gordon to bring all those "skilled migrants" into the UK and gives some breathing space for the thousands of criminals determined to make the ordinary persons life a complete misery.

Meanwhile, a party of schoolchildren from Lea Manor School in Luton have been given the "Leper" treatment by the humane French. You can tell they hate our guts, can you imagine the diplomatic row, if the positions had been reversed?

The Mail Report says "British schoolchildren with swine flu were treated like 'dangerous criminals' before being kicked out of France. The 14-year-olds and their teachers were forced to wear surgical masks (I thought Burkhas* were the order of the day here) and shoes while being treated by medics in anti-contamination suits.

They were sworn at by local people and told to 'go home to your disease-ridden country'. 'We were treated appallingly,' said a member of the party from Lea Manor High School, in Luton.'It was as if we were dangerous criminals. The French wanted us back across the Channel as quickly as possible. It was horrendous.'


*I am familiar with this school, you would be hard pressed to find a white child attending. The Mail has a photo of "Spanish Children" on the report, most misleading!

A visit to the schools website will show photos of the 2007 Prom. That's two years ago and the area has changed radically in its ethnicity since then.

It's shows the complete hideousness of the UK government in all it's glory. School photos no longer exist and when we relate a news story about "British" kids, they have photos of Spanish children to illustrate (but then, we couldn't have a photo of a bunch of ethnic minority kids connected with this story, could we?).

Lastly of course, this whole swine flu fiasco ends with a twist...while the UK LIEBOUR Government are causing widespread panic about the lepers in the UK and causing the world to shun them. Thousands of Muslims are preparing to make their way to Mecca for the hajj - a duty for all Muslims - which attracts about three million people every year to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

I wonder what goodies they'll bring back with them.

Swine flu may be the last thing Britons have to worry about!


  1. The photo swindle says it all. Disease ridden country we certainly are. Just look at Jimmy Snot for proof.

  2. Th UK has been bankrupt since 1868. We have been trading in "Chapter 11" mode for quite some time. For 150 years successive Chancellors have operated a basic double-entry ledger system. Money in, money out, balance zero.

    I can bore for England on this subject and will supply links if you have a burning need to see proof. It was/is hidden in plain sight. No-one, absolutely no-one, wants you to know the true status of our country.

    We are not unique. Every developed nation is also trading under Chapter 11.

    Much more on this over at my place, with some excellent links to get you started.

    Like me, you may regret learning too much.

    Ignorance truly was bliss.

  3. Oldrightie, you ARE in angry mode lately, don't blame you.

    Captain Ranty, I love facts and figures, especially ones invented to cover up the truth. I will come and have a peruse, thank you :)

  4. I am indeed angry, Sue, but we soon fall below 300 days to an election.

  5. Knife crime is said to have gone down but the number of fatalities has risen. Does this mean that the stab-monkeys are getting better at it ?

    Lea Manor High School, in Luton is a shit-hole and has been for years. Those Prom pics are thoroughly misleading ( unless it is just the few white Learners that get to 'graduate', surely not ! ).