Wednesday, 22 July 2009

WTF! Utterly ridiculous state of affairs!

As I live in Spain (and we get treated like adults), I have to rely on friends to periodically update me with how ridiculous the UK is becoming in it´s "Nannying".

After having a few days off, a friend of mine has just emailed me, shocked, horrified, angry and well downright pissed off!

The cashiers in the Sainsburys Store in Bramingham, Luton have taken to wearing a new badge. Is it for charity you ask, nooooo way Jose ... it´s a badge that says "If you don't look over 25 years old you will be asked to produce ID to buy alcohol or you will get turned away".


Worse still, after getting over that shock, she and her husband decided to have a pub lunch at Wetherspoons in Bedford and above the till is a sign that states "If you don't look over 30 you have to produce ID!!!!".


What the fuckety fuck is going on?

Is everyone going mental?

Enough is Enough!


  1. It really is pathetic and people just seem to accept it with an occasional bit of grumbling, meanwhile everything that made the country so Great is disappearing before our eyes.

  2. I've lived in Spain for a few years now. It wasn't that bad when I left the UK. If my life wasn't tied up here, I'd be back to fight (probably get arrested in the process).. :)

    All I can do is blog about it at the moment. Seems like the English have become so downtrodden they don't like to speak out anymore.

    It has to come to a head eventually. I can't see them putting up with this indefinitely.

  3. The first thing Bliar and Brown did in 1997 was to rig a huge fan over the UK and then hurl their excrement into it, 24/7 to the present day. Answers a lot, doesn't it?

  4. My local Co-Op has a sign stating 25. They're all at it. And the whole assault on alcohol is following the very same template as the one on smokers.

    As predicted by yours truly to a nay-saying net public for the past 4 years.

    Yet still no fightback. A country comprised mostly of lily-livered wets.

  5. Last night I was in my local Co-Op and a young girl asked for 20 Lamberts. The wifey at the till sighed and said, "Here we go again". Then she whipped out an A4 ledger and wrote the girls name in it, and the item she had bought, then she wrote Driving License in the ID column.

    Here's the thing: the Co-Op wifey didn't even ask her for her ID. She had asked before, many times, apparently, and no longer needed to see it. But why, in the name of all things nanny, did she have to enter the products bought? And why, for that matter, if the wifey had ID'd the girl so often did she have to carry on with this charade?

    I asked. The wifey said "Company policy".

    "Well", said I, "as long as it's a solid reason like that, you've just got to follow orders".

    "Aye", said the wifey.

  6. Asking ID is one thing but writing down on a ledger whenever someone purchases cigarettes is fucking weird.

  7. Sainsbury's are now following the nanny state's instructions with some of the products they do and don't stock. I fancied some Mexican food tonight and had everything I needed except for sour cream. No sour cream to be found so I asked at the information desk and the lady there took me to see the duty manager. "That's been discontinued", he said "but we have this instead". It was low fat, runny, tasteless "sour cream" which I'd made the mistake of trying before - yuk! It then occurred to me - "This is Labour policy on obesity you're following, isn't it"? At this point he reddened and folded his arms in defence so I knew I'd got it right. I then told him that I would not be dictated to as to what I can and cannot eat by this government and would be buying any products I could no longer find in Sainsbury's elsewhere. This is only one of many items that have been disappearing recently and it's going to get worse - how dare they.

  8. What annoys me is the ID notices saying you need to be 21 to purchase booze.

    The law says 18.

  9. That picture is wonderful, Brown is a fascist alright, he is certainly uncontaminated by any democratic values, an unelected Prime Minister and before anyone thinks John Major, he had called and won an election in less time than Brown has had already.
    Roll on 2nd June 2010...this year is going quick now...soon be Christmas