Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Gifted & Talented Student Support

A new network of High Performing Specialist Schools that will focus on Gifted and Talented as part of their specialism to work alongside local authorities in improving the quality of support for G&T learners across the country. Since January 2009, 170 schools have been identified and will receive £10,000 pa funding.

Oh, sounds very much like a Grammar School to me, only they're called "High Performing Specialist Schools".

Labour have finally come to the conclusion that schools for brighter kids no matter what their social class, was a good idea after all... how very Conservative of them!!!



  1. Oh yes, I can just see the Common Purpose gymkhana that'll require struggling through in the name of competition and diversity to get into these elite places.

    Breeding ground for the next generation of Nazi/Soviets.

    Heads up.

  2. Aren't all schools that already?

    The government should keep it's nose out of the school curriculum and let educators do their jobs.

  3. I've always thought comprehensives were a bad idea - for all children. Squeezing the vocational and academic under one roof has created a dumbing down of education. Call me old fashioned ...