Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Porkie Uddin

The baroness, who denies any wrongdoing, said she welcomed the investigation and would co-operate fully. The peer was reported by the Sunday Times to have registered a two-bedroom flat in Maidstone, Kent, as her main home, even though she lived just a few miles away from Westminster in a house in Wapping, east London. That arrangement meant she was able to claim the controversial parliamentary second home allowance on the property in Wapping, the newspaper said.Neighbours of the Maidstone flat told the newspaper that no one lived there and it was not even furnished but the peer insisted she "regularly" stayed at the property, which she owned, while the Wapping home was rented.Lady Uddin said: "I understand that the Clerk of Parliament, as accounting officer, has been asked to review my expenses claims."I welcome this review and will co-operate fully with him in the hope of a speedy resolution and clarity that I did not break the rules of the House." Skynews

Are they that sure they are going to get off with a "sorry?".

The Baroness, who became Britain's first woman Muslim peer in 1998, said she would make no further comment until the investigation was concluded. In a statement from her solicitors to the Sunday Times, she said: "I do not believe that I have done anything wrong or breached any House of Lords rules. "The Wapping house is rented, while I own the property in Maidstone. The Maidstone property is furnished and I strongly deny that I have never lived there. Indeed I have stayed there regularly since buying it."

Yes, the Wapping House is rented from a Housing Association meant to help poor people while you are a rich bitch! You are also meant to be a Lady (which you certainly are not). I did look on the net to see why you were given the title of Baroness, but I can't for the life of me find what you did that was so special to deserve it. The Blairs "first woman muslim peer" no doubt, didn't really matter who, did it? 

The line that really got me was : " Indeed I have stayed there regularly since buying it"

Now, convince me. What on earth would you be doing in a 2 bedroomed flat in Maidstone while your husband and FIVE children are living in their Housing Association property in Wapping, a few miles away from where you work and where you are registered to vote?

You're going to love this :)

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