Thursday, 7 May 2009

Fiddled consultation at Charlotte Turner School Greenwich

Remember this 2 days ago? Parent Power, Gimme a Break! 

There was a protest nearby at a local school when Gordon delivered his Parent Power Speech 

"The Prime Minister was visiting a Lewisham school to announce plans to give parents more power over their children's education after a weekend of speculation over his leadership.
But the secondary school in question is embroiled in a battle with parents who are furious at being “ignored” over plans to merge it with a nearby primary" 

Now, parents at Charlotte Turner School, Benbow Street, Greenwich, SE8 3DH, have occupied their school to oppose its planned closure in September by the council. They released this statement this evening;

 “Following a false consultation parents at Charlotte Turner have occupied their school. We have protested outside the town hall, put questions at a cabinet and council meeting but we were fobbed off. 297 parents replied to a consultation on the council’s plan. 296 were against and only 1 parent in agreement. Yet the council have decided  to listen to the 1 not the 296 and plan to close the school in September".

We demand the council reverse this decision.

If you have any influence or want to send a message of support::
Koreene 07913160002
Angelina 07957966953

Surprise, surprise.. the MP for Greenwich is a LABOUR MP. 

Nick Raynsford - Are you listening to parents Mr Raysford?

Browns "Parent Power" is an illusion. It's a ruse to get you to shut up and concentrate on him pretending to "do the right thing". The trouble is, Labour actually NEVER do the right thing, which is LISTEN to parents.

Labour are NOT listening to parents, they're absolutely IGNORING THEM. Parents from TWO schools in London are not happy with your "PARENT POWER".


  1. Stick to 'em Sue. What a shower of sh*te.

  2. Maybe they could run their own private school if it means that much to them.

  3. I'm not normally bereft of the appropriate word but on thiso ccasion, I am.

    But on the other hand, no I'm not. Rearrange these words into a well known phrase or saying...'Of Twats Bunch'.

  4. Why does anyone even let Gordon Brown out? He's got some kind of inverted Midas touch where everything turns to shit. Not only does he rock up and speak about parental choice in front of swastikas on a school wall, which gives everyone who thinks he's a repulsive authoritarian shitbag a good laugh, but the witless twat picks a school that's going to be merged in the face of parental opposition. The way he keeps ending up publicly shutting his balls in the drawer is almost enough to make you think that the Downing Street team have got it in for him and are doing it on purpose, but I expect it's really because they're just as useless as he is.

  5. lol . . .Labour never listen to anyone. They're too busy making up the rules as they go along to suit their PR mission at the time. Take Ed Balls-up! Who's HE listening to FFS . . .TEACHERS (in their professional capacity) want SAT tests abolished. (And in this case I don't agree with parents who want to keep them!) But does he listen to people who know what they're talking about? Does he fuck.