Friday, 3 April 2009

Coping-class fury is about to reach boiling point.

Decent folk have been roasted on a spit by a tribe of political pygmies – and they're really angry, says Jeff Randall.

"For more than 10 years, these decent folk have been roasted on the spit of a Chancellor-turned-Prime Minister who, having failed miserably as the regulator-in-chief of financial services, is now trying to rebrand himself as a statesman of international repute. It is a shameless performance from a leader who has buried his country deep in debt, while building up a democratic deficit among those whose voices he blocks out. The G20 shindig is his last chance to claim a triumph, even though it will be a fudge"

Read the whole thing, my sentiments exactly!


  1. And my sentiments too. I love this:
    " . . .decent folk have been roasted on the spit of a Chancellor-turned-Prime Minister" Absolutely priceless and so true. Thing is - what on earth can we do. It's disastrous!

  2. I'd have said that Brown and Darling are spit roasting the British people... and I'm thinking spit roast in the sense used in the sort of films Jacqboot's hubby likes to watch.

  3. I have no idea. Keep blogging, keep doing what we're doing and try to spread the message to people who wouldn't normally take an interest in politics. Gordon is NOT going to step down, he's delusional as we all know. I think the Conservatives are doing the same thing, just hanging on in there until the election.

  4. Yes, the British Public has been well and truly screwed!

  5. Yup, spit roasted and roasting still, as a manic Snotty turns the handle. We'll get the bugger, (literal sense) eventually.

  6. Now THAT'S a rant.
    Thanks for pointing it out. I can retire now, my job done by someone else..

    Till tomorrow, when I'll be peeved again.