Thursday, 2 April 2009

What did the G20 achieve?

What did come out of it? After another £20 million of tax payers money was poured down the drain, what did it achieve?. 

It made Gordon feel more omnipotent than he normally does, ensured the rest of the delegates had a bloody good jolly in the UK at the British taxpayers expense and then they met the Queen, which was probably the highlight of their day! 

Sarah Brown looked frumpy and has legs like a Russian shotputter and who invited Naomi Campbell? What on earth would she have to say to a group of reasonably intelligent women for the evening?

The Spectator- "Brown's illusory G20 deal" has come up with the answers : It achieved NOTHING, SPIN as is normal with this government. How Brown has the audacity to dress this up as a successful meeting is completely beyond comprehension. Brown and everyone that intends to vote Labour clearly need sectioning, including "anon" who commented on this posting (cowardly, chicken shit twat that you are).


  1. Oh, wise words from a rat that left the sinking ship!!!!

  2. Brave words from the rat that will sink with his Capt Ahab!

    At least I didn't fund this fiasco with my hard earned tax money and I can still vote for the Conservatives in the General Election :)

    Smarts doesn't it?

  3. yeah, you sound a twat!